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A Valentines Day Candle


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I could really use some good advice on how to create a valentines day candle made from this exact jar and deliver to my apple orchard account next week as they liked the idea of what I suggested for them for Valentines Day.  I can get all these candles made this weekend and deliver next weekend.  I have a few hundred of these jars I bought a while back.  I think I paid like 50cents for the jar with the lid from someone who went out of business.  I always hated these bubble tops but was thinking what a good way for me to get rid of these jars as a special for Valentines Day. I was going to make up like about 75 of them and get them into the store.   I would wholesale them for like 5.50 a jar.  I believe they are 8oz.


My question is what can I put in the top of the bubble?  I was thinking confetti and some type of thing (gadget)...maybe I could find something at the dollar tree?  I just don't know.  I don't think those little foil wrapped kisses would work because I was afraid of the scent of the candle getting into the candy and all I could think of was a lawsuit....right?  And what about something around the neck of the jar.  Ribbon would be too costly I think.  I have to think of cheap cheap cheap.


Also I was thinking of just doing 2 or the most 3 fragrances....what would be good choices?


I think definitely chocolate and name the fragrance "Chocolate Kisses".

Georgia Peach is a top seller at the store...would that be a good one?  And what could I rename it for a Valentine name?



Here is a picture of the jar I had made for another client, but at least you can see what it looks like.




Now I took the square label I put on the canning jars that go into the shop and made into a heart.  I think that will look kinda cute for Valentines Day....Yea or nei??????


I did one in red behind the fragrance name and one in pink....which one?  I think the red myself.


Thanks for giving me LOTS  of suggestions! lol














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I like red label

Very cute idea and I like the confetti idea in the bubble- I am not familiar with that jar at all does it open to be able to stuff things in there?

If so you could do heart shaped confetti- some with just ribbons and some with candy hearts but make a disclaimer not edible

Chocolate kisses is a great name do you have a fragrance- if not maybe a chocolate mint....

If peach is their best seller then yes use it and name. It something like kiss me- or I'm yours or be mine....Valentine candy heart theme

Raspberry truffle is another great valentines scent or pink sugar

Your so creative I am sure whatever you do will be perfect!

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Thankyou Kandlecrazy and Moonshine!


Oh what a great idea....heart shaped confetti or even cut off pieces of different color ribbons!  Love the idea!



I don't have raspberry truffle, but I do have orange chocolate truffle from Backwoods.  


What about that blend I did with Vanilla bean noel and lemon that I'm renamining limoncello?


I also have lavender....wonder if that would be good for Valentine's Day.


Too bad I couldn't do Balsam Fir or pumpkin pecan waffles as they are proven #1 top sellers for me.  My friend looked at me and laughed her head off and said are you nuts for Valentines Day? lol, lol

Well geesh, I would rather get a scent that I love than an old grandma rose....lol



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Lavender is great for Valentine's Day/ I used to do heart shaped pillars in that scent .....or I should say tried!

You could put lavender buds in the bubble!

A red hot cinnamon and call it burnin love

Orange chocolate truffle would be good also with orange peels in the bubble

Limoncello could work also - does it have a candy type scent to it?

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In the lid top, why not use candy hearts( the ones with different staying on them) it would be festive and colorful. For scents, some that work at my shop are: chocolate bars, Victorian Rose, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries , Little Black Dress.

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If you do a floral (my least favorite scent but it seems a lot of people like it) maybe you could put some rose petals in the top of the jar if you do a rose scent or other artificial flowers to match whatever floral you do. I also like the idea of the candy hearts being in there and the confetti! Whatever you do will be great!

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I love every suggestion from everyone so thankyou!


I picked 4 scents that I'm making tomorrow.

Chocolate will be called Chocolate Kisses

Cinnamon will be called Be My Valentine

Georgia Peach will be called Tickle Me Peach

Rose (ugghh) will be called Sweetheart Rose (I can't stomach Rose even though I have a bottle of it), lola


I'm only doing

50 candles as there won't be but a little over 2 weeks b/4 Valentines Day....so I made myself a few extra bucks to buy cat food for my babies! ha!



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