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Do you blog?



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  1. 1. Do you blog?

  2. 2. Would you like to see a page here for links to your blogs?

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My blog was created as a forum for me to post pictures (of crafts and decorating) for my family to see and for linking to pinterest, not so much as an outlet for thoughts or opinions. My blog is very picture heavy with very little commentary, and the commentary that is posted is pretty boring and I don't update it too often. If a thread is started for links to blog I dont mind sharing it but not sure that you would want it posted here (in the Business section) since it has nothing to do with wax, soap or b&b products.

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We have a few that would like to see other members blogs. Some do not care. I think blog is less about our business and more about us at this point. So why don't I start a post in off topic for us to show are blogs and if people start blogging more for their business we can create post for those in the sections they belong in. Right now leave it open for anyone that can view off topic can post a link to their blogs.


I do know blogs can help your business a lot if done right would any one be interested in a blogging class?

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I have the post started in off topic.


Patty I would read and share your blog. I will read and share any members blogs.


If we can get a few more people committed I will set up a class and share what I have learned about blogging.

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Myspace(coming back?)





Goolgle +


and more


Im so over this social media crap.....as soon as you get somewhere on one of them, another one pops up!  my goal is to blog and tweet and instagram more often and get some youtube videos up.....maybe I will have time in 2015, by then it will be something else new. *drunken posting**shudder*:icon_tiptoe:

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There are just not enough hours in a day, between work, family & my candle/soap business, to sit in front of the computer and do much of anything LOL!!  I only visit my facebook to keep up with friends & family and never have even visited the other sites. 

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I have often wished to start a blog but like others don't really have the skills or the know how to begin. The other part is the time factor. I don't seem to have the time to do soap website let alone even log on to my twitter and facebook accounts.


I think the #1 reason I don't is the lack of time.


I would still be interested in a class. The kind I can just read through when I have the time. I don't want to be tied down to a set time as my priorities change from day to day with my orders and production needs.

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