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  1. I wouldn't use it in my marketing without their permission. But, if someone asked what brand I used, I don't think that would be a problem. Just don't advertise it without their approval.
  2. I got my rack off of ebay. It was brand new, for $150. The trays are $10 each, from the same dealer, brand new. I got four trays to start with, but will be getting more.
  3. I use a commercial bread rack that has the pans that slide in. Mine has 20 slots for pans. I love it, because it takes up a small space, and I can cure a lot of soap on it.
  4. Well, I use print artist, which works great, but to have professional labels done, requires a the file to be in an adobe format. This is where I have problems trying to format them in adobe. Label companies won't use labels done in avery or print artist. I sent labels that I attempted in adobe once, and they called and said you don't have them in a template, and you don't have bleed. They said that my label showed up huge. So, I knew then that I was adobe challenged. LOL
  5. I can't figure out adobe for the life of me. I'm not very computer efficient to begin with, and trying to figure out how to make a template in adobe makes me insane. Lightning labels has adobe as one of their required formats, and I love lightning labels, but can't figure adobe, so I can scan my graphics in and make a darn label. I'll watch this thread, and see of anyone jumps in with some adobe for idiots.
  6. No, I would not have exchanged it. Did she have her receipt?
  7. Well, I like my candles to leave no wax on the sides of the jar when burning. However, this won't happen if not burned properly. Ideally, a candle should burn, if wicked correctly, with a melt pool of about an inch per hour. So, a three inch round container should reach a full melt pool in three hours or so. If someone doesn't burn the candle long enough, it will have excess wax on the edge. I don't like smokey wicks either. Nobody wants soot from their candles. So, it does require a lot of testing to get the best wick, wax, fragrance and container combo. Of course, you must be aware that I am a perfectionist about the performance of my candles.
  8. The griddle is way too slow because it only heats the bottom of the pitcher. Ask me how I know. I get these genious ideas, and then I act on them before I think it through. It will work, I would put my money in a super fast presto pot. hth Misty
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