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Favorite Bath and Body Scents


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Love, Love Oakmoss & Amber. I have only tried in melts, but it would be great in B&B. (I was just thinking that the other day)

Some of my fav B&B scents are: Lemon Sugar (RE), Blackberry Sage (Peaks), Sultry Angel (CC), Flower Bomb (MW), Lavender (J&J type- The Candle Source), Pink Sugar (my daughter's fav).

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Ooh, I've got this one! Bubble bars are used to create big wonderful bubbles in your bath - no real cleaning properties, just bathtime fun! You crumble a portion of the bar under your running water. Think of it as a dry bubble bath.

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For bubble bath bars definitely lavender, or blend like lavender & chamomile for a soothing bath.

An herbal type to relieve stress and achy muscles; an herbal mint blend. Or maybe you could add the dried herbs to the bubble bars and pick a scent that compliments the blend.

Something fun and kicky like bubblegum, pink sugar, tooty fruity, etc for the kids (kids of all ages that is!)

A nice vanilla maybe like vanilla silk, vanilla amber, vanilla noel, etc. Vanillas just smell so wonderful in B&B products.

Any citrus blend for an invigorating, stimulating bath.

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Patch is an aphrodisiac ;)

Yes indeedy!

Michdj - I hated patchouli for a long time. It reminded me of the 60's and those musty apartments and the dirty hippies. Don't get me wrong, not hippies in general, I mean the kids that didn't wash, smoked pot all day then burned a cheap patch incense to cover it up! Ick ick ick!!!

But when I started doing soap and candles and buying premium oils I got more and more used to patchouli until now I love it. It grows on you. Too bad you don't like it. Its always been one of my top 2 sellers for years.

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