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  1. I have a western line some names I use buckle babes forever in blue james im to sexy for my wranglers tumbleweed home n hearth
  2. wow they are amazing, the red one looks like a dragon in the corner up near the top and the yellow one looks like the moon, I did these years ago when I was younger....it was fun to do. There all Amazing
  3. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing
  4. Hopefully Nottttt, lol I closed my Website, I have my Sisters Coffee Shop, stocked with my products. I can send them there lol everyone relax and enjoy your Hollydays and your down time. My down time, is my quilting time!!!!! sew sew sew, while hubs listens to the Hockey Games, a win win for both of us!!!!
  5. I am officially closed for the Holidays!!!! Yahooyyyyy!!! These are the last of the Gift Basket Orders, Bows still to be added and gift tags, then they are done. Ready for pickup on Friday!!!I I'm so dang tired, lots on my plate this year, with my Moma dealing with Health issues, lots of time away from home. I'm still So Thankful for my Family, My Friends My Customers and This Forum. Enjoy Your Hollydays!!!!
  6. This Sale was one of my very Best sales day. With a huge MILL CLOSING here this December, we as crafters were not sure if people will be purchasing, but they were. My Soaps were SELLING, SELLING & SELLING. I am so GRATEFUL for MY CUSTOMERS, with out them I as a Business could not continue to grow. Here's a Pic of my Table Set Up at the Beginning.
  7. Looks AMAZING GREAT to hear you had a good day!!! My first and last sale is for two days, Friday & Saturday... It's a lot of work getting ready isn't it!!!
  8. My first time using melt & pour. Its surprising what you can make with a measuring cup for a mold. Two different sizes, smaller one 1/4 cup, larger 1/3 cup. Used christmas erasers for the insides. Scented in BB energy Fo.
  9. Yes I do use in soaps. I just checked the Amber can also be used in wax too
  10. Has any one tried their gray 8 oz foaming bottles. I am almost out of my foaming face wash containers. They have a sale on these. With the exchange rate they are really reasonable. Just don't want to order a few hundred and they don't work. I would order a sample but with shipping to Canada, it's not feasible. I do have a po, box in the states, just having been there last week. A three hour drive, not going to work for a sample. I'm hoping some ones used this container and can give a feedback. Thanks hugs Maggie
  11. I usually use two lavender to 1 Amber. I love day stars Amber essence Nepal, it does discolor dark. I just do an amber swirl into the lavender color. I also use lavender essential oil.
  12. so sweet, love the mold too...
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