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  1. Have you had a chance to try the "Freedom"? Since you are familiar with 464 you'd probably know if they are the same. I really like the Midwest for my 100% soy candles, but I am curious.
  2. I order some of my fragrances from CW, so when I was sending an order in for oils I ordered 2 sizes of CD wicks I was low on thinking they would be the same. When I got them, they weren't the same but I tested them with new fragrance oils so I could use them. I ordered 1,000 of each size so they'll last a long time since I only tested 3 scents for each of the two sizes. The scents I had tested with BC Wicks I'm not interchanging with wicks from other places now. Wax melts don't matter, but for the sake of testing I stick with the same company for an Oil I make candles with too.
  3. I learned that CD wicks from Bitter Creek and Candle Wic are not the same. I'm only buying wicks from BC after one order to CW. I'm able to use the CW Wicks AFTER testing, so there's no waste. I don't like testing as much as some people do, so I'm sticking to one company for wicks.
  4. I haven't noticed any changes with Midwest Soy from batch to batch. I really like it and decided to make it my go to.
  5. I ended up not trying it. I couldn't find anyone who said they tried it. I use their 100% Midwest Soy and I like it A LOT. The only reason I was wondering about this was I wanted colored candles and something that doesn't have to cool down as much as the Midwest does. Midwest doesn't color well and it needs to be less than 105* to pour for nice tops.
  6. I use Midwest Soy by American Soy Organics and they recommend adding FO at 125*
  7. Temperature and humidity. My new shop I've been in the past 2 years I've had to add a dehumidifier for the summer months.
  8. Yes, I bought two sample kits. This wick is .030 original wood wick 3/4"w
  9. My kids would say this is a reason to celebrate. I figured out how to add a photo! 🤣 Dark is Bitter Creek Light is WWCO
  10. I can take a photo of a BC and a WWCO side by side, but I'm not sure how to put the photo here. 🙄
  11. The LX series is working the best for me. I tested with HTP, CD, RRD, ECO, and LX. The LX outperformed the other brands in all categories: Great Flame, No CB's, Very Good to Excellent HT and CT, and Zero Soot. I've tested quite a few in 8oz flint jar, 2.5"w, and LX10 or LX12 have worked depending on the fragrance. I've tested only a few fragrances in pint jars and they have ranged from LX12, LX14, and LX16. I use 6% FO, date the jar, and put them on a shelf for 3 months before burning. Often the are 4-5 months before I light them.
  12. I use 6% for candles and 9% for melts.
  13. I'm wondering with some time passing and perhaps some more testing if you have more specifics on the Freedom Soy?
  14. I have one and use it for lotion. It would work good for what your thinking. I just don't make enough of one scent in wax to use it for that.
  15. I use 8oz flint jar and 100% Midwest soy or a custom parasoy blend. I make test candles and put them on my shelf for 3-4 months before lighting. I start with 100% soy and after the cure if the scent isn't strong enough for me I do the parasoy. The parasoy I cure 6 weeks before burning. I use 6% for almost every scent. Some over powering scents I use 5%. I never go more than 6%. editing to add I have very few parasoy candles. There are a few scents I wanted in candles that just don't work in soy.
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