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  1. I've purchased oils from lebermuth and I've never been disappointed.
  2. I have an 80lb water jacket and a 20lb water jacket. I purchased both at Bitter Creek. I'm not sure if they have those particular ones anymore, but I've used both a lot over the years.
  3. I'm just starting to test this wax in a custom parasol blend. I'm using jars in several sizes which burn cooler, but I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has experience to the OP since I have some tins to use up.
  4. This post right here is why I love being here. Wish i would have found this forum years ago. But, I've just started doing things off Etsy and ordering from my suppliers in the past year.
  5. If everything could be this easy in Candle making 😂 Never mind my double post. I'm still trying to figure out how to quote. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't? Always user error 🤓
  6. If everything could be this easy in Candle making 😂
  7. Okay, I thought I needed more than that. I can make that work. Thank you!
  8. If you use wood wicks and sell your candles, how do you comply with their legal requirements? Its too much information to fit on my warning label.
  9. The answer to your question is 'yes'. I make wickless candles @ 6% and 9% for some lighter fragrances. I label them with FO/Company, % used, date. I don't color wax for candles or clamshell melts. I test my jars at 6 months, sometimes it goes longer. Most candles do well at 6% with the long cure. I have a few that are 9%. I use the remaining of the bottle of FO and make as many candles as I can. Put them back in the box, label the box, and put on the shelf. They sit on my shelf for 6 months. Back in a day, way back 😬, I learned this when I had a store front. The wick issue has some truth for not only soy, but paraffin also. Once I reached the 6 month mark, the fragrance strength didn't change and the wick characteristics didn't change with a longer time. Meaning, 9 months or 12 months of cure time doesn't give it stronger scent and the way the wick performs doesn't change. 6 months really is the sweet spot and when I read problems about wicking and scent after a 3-5 day cure, or even a 2-3 week cure, I've learned not to say much because it causes so much controversy. I'm only responding to your post because I've seen your posts about 6 months and a year cure time. I'm fortunate to have space for this. It's also why I don't sell candles in many fragrances, but offer wax melts in a ton of fragrances. Editing to add, once the 6 months are up, I sell wholesale and take to shows. They don't get old and the burn (wick) is spot on, so if it takes 5 years to sell them I know they will burn and smell great.
  10. I haven't made pillars for a long time, but made a lot when I had my store. I always leveled on a hot plate.
  11. Yes, there is a video on YouTube and it says 140*F for glass. The video is done by a man who tested candles for a living based on safety standards.
  12. If you aren't running a production line, this will help. Set your jar on a white piece of cardboard (will last longer) or paper. Draw a circle around the jar and make a vertical and horizontal line. Where they intersect is the middle. When you are ready to wick your jars, place on the circle and set your wick over the 'X'. This will work for see through vessels only. I have a template for each size jar I make. I made my templates from white tiles purchased at Menards.
  13. Igi 4625 pillar blend from Bitter Creek in WI. I'm from WI and buy wax from them. Their prices are good, but I can pick up, so I'm not sure about shipping.
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