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  1. Wow, I was just going to ask a question about wood wicks. Other than you a candle la label printed with their trademark name, how in the world are they going to know what the heck is in your candle? I guess that is what they are trying to discourage maybe with the thought if a homemade candle has their name on it, and a house burns down they are not responsible. Aren't they the people who have the patent on all the wooden wicks? So if you purchase from Lone Star, isn't it their product or do other people make wood wicks?
  2. damn well thanks for that. I have read a lot of your posts lol. glad you jumped in on this. To be honest I was suspect of the bacon fragrance. You should see the smoke I got from the Eco.........................I was like "Hell No" I am not doing this or painting my ceilings.
  3. I found the Eco's smoked liked crazy but then again, maybe it is that Bacon fragrance, it seems to be stubborn. You are scaring me when you say 6006 is tricky, lolo I thought it was a beginner wax. I read that the HTP were changing or at this point difficult to find, so I didn't get any. Testing is painful enough without changes or shortages. That is why I am using the LX wicks. How long do you usually cure your 6006?
  4. I am by no means experienced, but I had the very same issue. On my 3 inch jars I had to go up, I am waiting for the larger ones to arrive. I am using 8% fragrance and the scent that is really giving me problems is bacon............who knows maybe it is made with fat or something. But I can tell you that it was a starting point. So I will use the specs for the 4 inch jar (that is what is said in the notes) And I thought the hard part of making candles would be the math! Good Luck.
  5. OK, I attached it below, notice the note I bought a bunch of LX wicks and while they were getting me to where I needed to go, I found this chart and I have more coming. In the meanwhile I stripped all the color out of my candles because it just doesn't make sense. PS I am using an 8% fragrance load on what I was testing. I hope this helps
  6. Hi, I am new too, and was having the same problem. Ecos were smoking and CDs were not cutting it. I starting using LX wicks and it is a game changer. I will try and find the specific chart I have because since 6006 is not straight paraffin the numbers are different. I will try to find it and send it to you. I kept thinking the same thing it's a 3 inch jar how hard could it be.
  7. That is what I read somewhere also.................. HTP is produced in US and CD in Germany but essentially the same. I am new at this so don't quote me.
  8. I have been using straight jars and patiently letting it cool first for one week, but now this new bunch for two weeks with the dye subtracted. (I like a lot of color but will delete that variable for now) I have been using 8% across the board, but can drop that down. Would you say that 6& is better for 6006? I was actually looking to see if there are rough guidelines for types of scents (for starting points) Since December I have only made two candles that I am happy (in a different jar, and both are not dyed) This can get extremely frustrating.
  9. Very new to this but I have been testing with Eco's according to Candle Science in 6006 and it has been a major smoke fest. I have now subtracted all the color to see if I get better results.
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