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  1. Oh, wow! This is one of my strongest throwers. I'm burning one now in my sun room. 16x16 room off my kitchen which is 16x26 and both rooms smell.
  2. What issues? This is a nice clean sharp peppermint FO. I use peppermint EO in bath and body products. You are using FO in wax, correct?
  3. Candle Jar: 16oz Pint Jar Wax: Soy Blend Cure: 4 Weeks Wick: LX16 Flame: Perfect 10/10 Glass Temperature: 110* CT: Very Good 10/10 HT: Excellent 10/10 Mushrooms: None Wick Trimming: Only when lighting MP: 1/8" = 3 hours <1/4" = 4 hours Note: Quite a bit of hang up top 1/3 but catches up nicely without getting hot. https://www.candlemaking.com/peppermint-swirl.html.html
  4. Candle Jar: 8oz Flint Jar Wax: Soy Blend Cure: 4 Weeks Wick: LX12 Flame: Perfect 10/10 Glass Temperature: 125* CT: Very Good 10/10 HT: Excellent 10/10 Mushrooms: None Wick Trimming: Only when lighting MP: 1/8" = 3 hours <1/4" = 4 hours
  5. Soy-N-Suds

    Monkey Farts

    Candle Jar: 8oz Flint Jar Wax: Soy Blend Cure: 4 Weeks Wick: LX10 Flame: Perfect 10/10 Glass Temperature: 120* CT: Very Good 9/10 HT: Excellent 10/10 Mushrooms: None Wick Trimming: Only when lighting MP: 1/8" = 3 hours <1/4" = 4 hours https://www.candlemaking.com/monkey-farts.html.html
  6. $25 for 3lb bottles from BC? Where do you live? I'm only 3 hours from them. When I need wax, I pick up. I'm 3 hours from Soy Organics, so I pick up there too. If I have to order oils or dye and don't need wax then I ship. Unfortunately, BC discontinuing IGI wax forces me to ship that in.
  7. I'm not familiar with that Soy. I've seen people talk about it, but I haven't ordered it. Well, maybe I have as EZ Soy. I really like the EZ Parasoy. I wonder if that is sold under a different name?
  8. I'm not crazy about the EZ Soy though. It's good for clamshells, but I had FEW oils that worked for candles. The Midwest Soy worked well with almost every FO I tried, but I had to leave them white. The EZ ParaSoy colors nicely and every FO I've tried has been great! I've only just started though.
  9. I think it's their own. I believe the EZ Soy is their own too. I haven't seen anyone say it's a known wax under a different name. I was sold on Midwest Soy, but with the price hikes I tried the EZ Parasoy and really like it.
  10. They quit igi waxes last year so they have what they have until it's gone. They are keeping palm wax and their EZ Soy and EZ Parasoy. I bought igi from them and now have to ship it. Bitter Creek is pick up for me, so needless to say my prices took a steep hike.
  11. This is a pint jar sprayed with stained glass paint. My all Soy candles don't get dyed the Soy is left natural, so I stain glass the jar and decorate with pretty things.
  12. Please don't take this as legal advise, but if it's attached to the candle it seems it would be dangerous when the candle burns to the end. Fire + wax soaked paper. I've seen products, not necessarily candles, have instructions and/or warnings not attached to the product and it says. "Keep these instructions handy for reference until your candle (whatever the product may be) is gone."
  13. https://cart.candlesupply.com/Pink-Grapefruit-Dye-Flakes-pr-19260.html
  14. I make pink grapefruit scent and buy a pink grapefruit dye from Bitter Creek.
  15. Just pointing out this post is 13 years old. Not sure if you'll get a response.
  16. I can't answer your question, but you will find helpful information by typing 'Alibaba' in the search bar.
  17. Hmmm, I see. I haven't noticed these problems. I've gone through two summers and two winters. Next month, April, will start my third summer season. I use 7% FO and the crisco. I don't test wicks until a 3-4 month cure, sometimes they sit 5-6 months. You are much bigger than I care to be and I understand production speed being a problem for sure. I suppose it's like every other market out there. It's why we have choices; so we can pick our battles lol Since 2001 there have been so many changes and whenever I've settled on something, it changes or gets discontinued.
  18. I really like Midwest Soy now that I've gotten used to it. No sink holes, excellent HT and CT, and great burning candles. Most FO works, and the ones that don't I use in other applications. If I'm dead set on a wicked candle I use Parasoy. I agree most of the candles need to cure a long time, but it's worth the wait for me. What is your purpose for additives? I used it without any until just recently and now I add 1 tsp Crisco/lb. for a very smooth top. I don't mind waiting for the cure, so the only downside I find is waiting for the wax to cool so I can pour it. I pour @ 100*.
  19. I make a proprietary blend with mostly paraffin and a little soy. I ended up selling out of my oil selling the embeds, so the two test candles I made were my only candles. I use Midwest soy and htp or lx wicks, depending on the fragrance oil. Love everything about this as far as Scent throw and burn quality. I'll be getting more of this oil for candle jars when I have a big enough order tomsend in.
  20. I'll test burn a couple candles next week, but in the mean time I made some melts.
  21. I just ordered chip colors from them after reading their news letter. I see in the letter the WYW scents are $3 off/lb get a coupon code from the newsletter through January 31.
  22. Cinnamon Red Hot - NEW for me and I just bought an 8oz bottle to test. It's pretty amazing!
  23. Yes, it is CandleWic. I though it was BC reading off my fragrance list online. That's what happens when you have too many oils 🤦‍♀️
  24. they are one of 3 companies I get oils from since 2001 and I've never had a problem. I bought during a sale last fall that caused a delay. That said, my orders have shipped within 3-5 days from when I ordered. their oils are nice 🙂
  25. I forgot to hit quote, but look up 🙂
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