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  1. That sounds interesting. Where do you find a barn wood scent?
  2. Recently switched from 464 to C-3 soy wax for my 80/20 blend with Coco 83. Was initially thrilled because I had no sinkholes or wet spots. Beautiful. I warm the jars and pour pretty cool. The problem doesn’t happen until several days later when for many of the candles a good portion of the wax shrinks and separates from the glass. See photo. Very frustrating! Does anyone have advice?
  3. I am trying to create a candle for a friend who grew up on a tobacco farm. He wants something that smells like tobacco with nothing else. I can’t seem to find a pure scent. Does anyone know of any? Sorry to ask this again, but I got no responses the first time.
  4. I have been looking for a pure curing tobacco scent. Those of you who have smelled this know it's not like most of the tobacco candle scents that are available. Most of those scents have vanilla or bourbon or bay leaf added, but I am looking for the pure smell of curing tobacco. Any suggestions anyone?
  5. This is the one I’m using. Birdcharm, could you tell me what small heat gun you use. I can only find the minis
  6. Is there any way to avoid this? I feel like once I use the heat gun, my smooth tops are over. Perhaps I am using too much heat, as you suggest, Birdcharm. I have thought they look like they have been overheated or cooked.
  7. I use a combination of mostly soy GW 464 mixed with coconut wax. I achieve mostly smooth first pours but always leave some extra scented wax in case I need to do a second pour. The problem I had recently with a batch of 12 oz straight sided libbey jars was lack of adhesion or wet spots, which I believe were caused by a cold room. I fixed these successfully with a heat gun, but the top is not to my usual standard. Mine usually look like the top image but whenever I hit them with a heat gun, they end up looking rough and uneven. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just part of the process?
  8. Has anyone tried Brambleberry’s pumpkin spice?
  9. I have tried probably twenty pumpkin spice/chai/name-your-pumpkin-dessert candle fragrance oils for my fall line. All left me wanting and questioning why pumpkin spice candle scents have to be so sweet and artificial smelling. I happened across a kitchen store today that had just gotten in a new shipment of the Nest Pumpkin Chai scented candle. Why, oh why, is Nest able to get this beautiful spicy, but not sweet fragrance oil. I already know the answer. They have the buying power to custom order, but why do none of the scents available to smaller candle makers believe that someone may want a l
  10. Does anyone know where to find silver lids for 3-wick Libbey's tumbers? My order from Candlescience somehow did not contain these even though I'm sure I added them, and now they're out of stock. Help! Show coming soon!

  11. I have been making candles for several years and starting selling them in 2020. In that time, I have collected 100s of sample fragrances from Candle Science, Northstar Country Candle, Candle Cocoon, Flaming Candles, Rustic Essentials, California Candles, Brambleberry, Wooden Wick and more. What does everyone do with all these 1 oz or less bottles of fragrance oils when you decide not to add them to your collection. Do you create one-off candles with these scents and try to sell them in person? Do you just pour them out and throw them away? Do you just keep them for reference? Is there an excha
  12. I've looked into Alibaba as well. The problem with Alibaba is that you most often have to order in increments of 1000, and not only can I not afford to buy this many of the same thing, I'd also have nowhere to store them. I have suggested a co-op on this forum so we could collectively buy interesting candle vessels from Alibaba and distribute them among the group. I didn't realize there were co-op announcements on here. Thanks for that info, Kandlekarazy.
  13. The text box worked like a charm. Thanks, TallTayl!
  14. So I received the labels from Purelabels.com today, and they are beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for. However, the template available from their website in .doc and .pdf form is just horrible. I can't insert my logo properly for anything in word. What software programs do others use to create your labels? I use Onlinelabels and their Maestro design program for my other labels.
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