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  1. Has anyone here had experience arranging freight for pallets of materials. Is there a go to company you use? Or do you have any advice on how to find one?
  2. How do you arrange for shipping for a pallet? Is there a go to freight company y’all have used?
  3. Do any of you dip spooled wicks in wax before using? I am having a problem with my mold seal, which is gray, staining my wicks.
  4. I am by no means an expert, however, I have noticed the same thing. My theory is that the cotton wicks literally wick more of the wax and fragrance oil into the flame while the wooden wicks simply burn the surface wax. I have just about given up on wooden wicks for this reason. I use some really expensive oils and using more of them is not an economically viable option.
  5. Awesome! My husband has this in his shop! Thanks again
  6. My molds are aluminum. I think I am pouring too hot. Where do you get your silicone release spray? I've had a difficult time finding molds and molded candle supplies. Also, have you found a good source for beeswax. I purchased mine from Bulk Apothecary to start, but man is it expensive and they are better than most. Thanks so much! You are always so helpful.
  7. Where do you get the ones on sheets? That would certainly improve the situation.
  8. Hi all, I've been experimenting with making white beeswax pillar and votive candles. I've had some success, but I often have the wax stick to the sides of the molds. This creates a defect in the surface of the candle. I use olive oil to coat the molds before I pour them, and I put them in the freezer before popping them out. The worst is that my last pillar candle is stuck in the mold! So frustrating. I can't even seem to melt it out. thank you!
  9. Quick poll: Who believes wick stickers are quicker, and who believes using a hot glue gun is quicker. I currently use wick stickers and get frustrated with the process of wicking containers, but maybe it's just because it's so tedious. Just wondering what other folks do and why?
  10. That is concerning. Unfortunately I’ve experienced the same with GW 464. Maybe it’s just a natural wax phenomena? I don’t know.
  11. Interesting. I haven’t experienced that with Coco 83, but I’ve done many fewer Coco 83 alone. Do you think the age of each coco 83 lot may be a contributing factor?
  12. I have just made my first white beeswax pillar. Problem is, I have no idea which side is the top - the concave side at the top of the plastic mold, or the flat side that was at the bottom? Also wondering if you all who use spooled wicks normally dip your wicks on wax first
  13. This is fascinating. Thanks so much foe sharing such a scientific analysis. I use a combo of GW 464 and Coco 83, but after two bad batches of 464, I’m about ready to move to Coco 83 entirely. Just wish it was a little harder. May try adding white beeswax to it to see how that works. I’ll report back.
  14. Thank you! That is probably the problem as I made it and was so excited to try it, I burned it right away. Oops. How long do you recommend waiting? It’s white beeswax from Bulk Apothecary.
  15. Hi all, I have just made my first beeswax taper 7/8, 10 inches. I used pure beeswax and a 1/0 square braided wick. It burns beautifully but the wick is not self trimming as it burns. Any advice?
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