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Found 8 results

  1. Did my first pan test with Coconut Apricot wax Melting point 125-129F . I did a 3hr burn and I also took a time lapse video on my ipad I will see if I can upload that. unfortunately my iPad died before the complete 3rd hour. The Zinc wick doesn't have a size because I purchased a ton of vessels at a low price because they were pre-wicked so I have been removing the wicks. This cured for 8 days I used 3lbs of wax heat up to 190F and poured at 180F no additives. Doing the 2nd test tonight RRD Mushroomed and Hemp and cotton core wick had the highest flames that danced. I performed this test in a place that had the lease amount of draft possible. Temp inside the house was about 78F was a little warmer in there because the back door is near there so it was probably closer to 80/81F just in that area. I have 3 more pans like this that I plan to wick tonight or tomorrow. I was planning on wicking with HTP, ECO, LX, and trying different sizes of the Premier 700 and CD's. I have a jar that is just under 3.5" diameter that I double wick and a single wick jar that is 1.31" in diameter. I have had good luck with HTP wicks and LX, Premier and CD's people have raved about but I still like the HTP better. I have been testing smaller sized wicks in each type with my wick less candles. I am open to suggestions on any wicks you think I should test. I have some Cottonwood, paper core, and some smaller cotton core wicks coming next week I can try in a different pan.
  2. Hi, new here to CraftServer. Despite searching old posts and reading through a few that were on the topic of wicking the igi 6046 paracoco wax blend, I did not see a real definitive answer from many as to what wick worked best in their trials. I believe there was one who said they had the best luck with an htp62 in a 3" round container. I'm wondering (especially since one of the posts was from over a year ago) if anyone has made any progress and what container they're using. We're dead-set on these 3" glass cubes and have used both 100% soy and tried joy wax. Neither of us were really feeling the soy, and the joy wax we like but we want to 1. go with a wax that is available from more than one supplier in the event we cannot get it from one, 2. hopefully minimize our shipping costs having multiple suppliers available (we currently live an hour from one that offers pickup and 4 hours from another, AND we are a military family so we may end up close to yet a different supplier later.) We'll be picking up the igi6046 but unsure what wicks we should try in this 3" cube. Some in facebook groups say double-wick but one person said she manages the cube with a single lx22 (but didn't name what wax she was using either.). If we have to double, we'll need to pick up some much smaller wick sizes (I think smallest we have at the moment is a CD12). The CD18 seems to do alright in these cubes with the joy wax, but then we get some mushrooming too. We liked the idea of wood wicks and have tried double wicking with small woodwicks but I foresee and issue with our test burns so far in that the wood itself isn't burning fast enough (but wax is cleaning the sides and we don't have soot on the sides.) I also wondered about a ribbon wick. Has anyone tried a ribbon wick in their testing of 6046? We haven't tried a ribbon wick at all in anything yet, so I'm unfamiliar with their burning "personalities" lol Thanks for any input. Enjoying this site so far! Lots of information!
  3. OK so I had to post these pics! This is another candle I made a week or so ago using the half pint jar, double wicked ECO4, coconut 83, and Angel Baby scent (a sample oil). At that time I still wanted to see if I could double wick the small containers but with this candle I made sure to put the wicks closely together thinking about what others said on previous post about them being far apart and not centered. For some reason I figured having them spaced apart will be better than having the wicks so close together. So, I lit this candle today at 9am just to see if it will do the same thing the 3 candles I burned a couple of days ago did. In my opinion it's burning well ! There isn't a deep melt pool in the vast 3 hours it's been burning the flame isn't large the jar isn't hot either just warm where the melt pool is. Could it be the fact of me wicking the ECO4's close together?
  4. I recently switched from GB 464 to IGI 4630. I LOVE this wax, however I'm having a terrible time finding the right wick. I did a test burn of 6 different wicks yesterday (single wicks tested- Lx 21, Lx 22, Lx24, Lx26. Double wicks tested- Lx 12 and Lx 14) and out of those 6 only 2 came even remotely close to checking off all my boxes. Both of the double wick candles did pretty good. There was a little mushrooming and a small amout of soot coming off the wick for the first minute or two it was lit, but it had a great melt pool and the flame wasnt dancing around. I went to bed satisfied yesterday. Today I relit the LX 14, double wicked candle and it seems to be burning differently, almost like it's trying to put its self out. Is their anyone who can help me? I'm open to any and all advice.
  5. Hello, I came across a FB post about cottonwood wicks from Northwood Candle Supply providing a really good melt pool and HT with coconut wax. There aren't many reviews on the website, just curious if anyone has previously or is currently testing out these wicks? I'm still on the search for the perfect wax, wick combo for Coconut 83. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice for wicking IGI 6006. I am using 8 oz jelly jars, which are about 2.5". I have tried ECO, HTP, CD, and zinc wicks. I have settled on the ECO wicks as of right now and for most scents I have tested the ECO 2 seems to work the best. Sometimes it still seems a bit too large though and that I might need an ECO 1. I noticed these are generally for tea lights and votives though, so would they be way too small for this size jar? This is a picture of an ECO 2 with 6% FO (creme brulee from CS). This is the 5th burn, after about 2.5 hours. Is that too deep of a melt pool for only being lit for 2.5 hours? Also how hot is too hot for the jar to be? I can touch it under the melt pool but above it is too hot. Any advice is very much appreciated! I am getting so frustrated trying to get the right wick and everytime I think I have it figured out something else goes wrong!
  7. Good Morning! I just became a member with craft server and have been reading through so many topics and tutorials. The amount of information is amazing! I am really hoping that I will be able to get some help/advice on the very specific challenge that I am having with my wick testing. I am relatively new to candle making and have been doing a ton of research in addition to my testing and while I have worked out a bunch of common kinks my biggest frustration is that I am testing ECO wicks, which everyone seems to love with GB464 and I am smelling the wick/burning paper smell just as strong as the FO. Here's my details: Wax - GB464 Jars-Medium straight sided 9oz glass jars, 2.75 diameter Heating wax to 185, adding FO and pouring anywhere from 135-150 1oz FO per pound of wax Curing 1 week CS says ECO10 for this size/wax combo and the candle burns really well with this, but the smell is awful! I have tried 6, 8 and 14 as well. Same outcome. I have only tried CS brand of FO so far and am experiencing this problem with all scents that I test. I just placed an order with Aztec to try a number of additional fragrances. So, I clearly need to try a different brand of wick and I would love any suggestions on what has worked for you with the same wax/size and has a great HT! Also, I am wondering if I am alone in smelling these wicks so strong? Anyone else experience this with ECO or other brands? Thank you so much in advance!
  8. I stumbled across this video on YouTube and I was wondering what those of you with experience think about testing out wicks this way. I am totally new so I have no clue if this is a good idea. Thanks
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