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  1. Does it have that coconut undertone that a lot of vanillas do?
  2. I’m looking for that great yellow cake too!! Haven’t found anything yet
  3. I don’t buy much from there but blackberry and blackberry jam are great! Same with fruity pebbles
  4. Hi Belinda! CS Black Sea RE Hipster RE Cuban tobacco FB blue sugar NF shave and a haircut NF tabac and leather NF tobacco bay leaf NF mahogany teakwood RE stainless steel is more fresh but good CS library FC charcoal tonka FC birch and black pepper NG the perfect man NG Aqua di gio
  5. Hotpinkao

    Adding crisco

    Hi everyone! I have been wondering about adding crisco or coconut oil to my melts to kick up the throw and also make cutting them easier but mostly for throw. I currently use POB. Will this help or should I mix with something else? Also how much crisco per pound of wax? TIA!!
  6. Suggestions for a good white chocolate? WSP has one but not sure I want to pay the price.
  7. The old CS cranberry marmalade or peak? Sorry just confused ! Any other sweet cranberry recommendations?
  8. How’s the new cranberry marmalade? Is it super apple-y or any spice? Or is it just sweet and tart?
  9. Can I get your favorite fall scents?! Theres so many im overwhelmed! 🍂🎃
  10. Hi Belinda Curious as to how the throw is for baking cupcakes and sugared shortbread? Thanks!
  11. Nature’s Items marshmallow fluff ICS marshmallow fluff NYS marshmallow fluff these are all the same oil and the best marshmallow I have found! I put a tester in at about 2 months cure and WOW that’s filled my room. It does need a long cure but it’s great.
  12. Did you try piña colada or orange cream cupcake in wax yet? Curious how they perform
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