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  1. Can I get your favorite fall scents?! Theres so many im overwhelmed! 🍂🎃
  2. Hi Belinda Curious as to how the throw is for baking cupcakes and sugared shortbread? Thanks!
  3. Nature’s Items marshmallow fluff ICS marshmallow fluff NYS marshmallow fluff these are all the same oil and the best marshmallow I have found! I put a tester in at about 2 months cure and WOW that’s filled my room. It does need a long cure but it’s great.
  4. Did you try piña colada or orange cream cupcake in wax yet? Curious how they perform
  5. Sorry just seeing this! Yes I did and I already have it in tester wax!! Got some other incredible scents from PFO as well. Really excited about them.
  6. Did you test the s’mores yet? Dying to know. Been looking for a good one!
  7. Marleigha - I went on the PFO website to get this amazing sugar cookie and I can’t find any sugar cookie. Has it been discontinued?
  8. Can anyone recommend a Hawaiian tropic FO that has good throw? I’ve tested NG and am not even smelling it. BA, VA candle and Aztec also have it, I would love to hear if anyone has tried from those companies!! Also searching for a strong coconut and piña colada! I make wax melts with parasoy. TIA!
  9. I loved Clean cotton from JS. SUPER strong
  10. I think I need to try this now! I have vanilla poundcake from JS and RE and don’t care for either!
  11. Aztec is truly the best IMO and I’ve used them all
  12. I also get light throw from jelly donut
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