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  1. I was looking at her fragrances I didn't see the apple fritter I'll have to look again that sounds like one I'd love. I ordered the frankenberry, boo Berry and cinnamon buns!!!
  2. Wow awesome thank you so so much!!!!!! I make wax.melts that look like food so I'm always looking for dessert scents I so appreciate it!!!!
  3. Thank you I haven't it tried it from there as of yet. I do also love Nature's Garden I really loved CS Hazelnut so I never tried other supplier's IDK what happened but I'm having no luck w it anymore. Thank you for the recommendation!!!
  4. I would love a list 😊 I thank you for clarifying ICS I think I have ordered from that supplier once so a list would be wonderful I love spot of scents from JS so I will definitely be looking into the recommended coffee scents thanks so much!!!!
  5. I also do love the Brazilian coffee and pure cane from Aztec I actually get tons of my oils from Aztec!!! I feel really stupid asking this but what supplier is ICS ? And wow thank you for all the awesome recommendations Alot of great choices!!!!
  6. Hello looking for recommendations on Hazelnut coffee fragrance oil that are strong and bold. I have always used candle science hazelnut coffee but up until my last couple purchases it doesn't seem the same definitely not as strong as it used to be. I guess at this point any coffee scent that is strong would be great. Thanks 😊
  7. I was wondering if anyone has tried Indigos- Old Hemingway Scentsy type? If so how it is? I make wax melts and have a few customers looking for that scent. If not from Indigo where else would I find that fragrance oil!?! Thank you Bridget
  8. I'm very pleased with the pretzel scent from Just scent it's definitely a good seller for me... So far most of the fragrance oils from Just Scent have been good the only 2 I got no throw hot or cold is the peanut butter cookies and the ultimate vanilla. I am having a very hard time finding any peanut butter cookies fragrance oils that work at all for me I just recently ordered from 2 other supplier's with no luck still 😒 Also I have tried quite a few vanilla's and I can't seem to find the right one!
  9. I would say the throw is a 10 out of 10 while melting I really really like this pretzel scent!!!
  10. You won't regret!!! The only scent I'm not having any luck with is finding a peanut butter cookies not a single one has any cold or hot throw for me and I've ordered from 4 different suppliers I've ordered from Nature's garden Indigo A supplier from Etsy can't think of the name at the moment And just scent I'm getting nothing from any one of them it's getting disappointing 😔
  11. Yes it is awesome with both cold/hot throw I absolutely love it !!!!
  12. So I burned the pretzel melts last night...the pretzel scent is very strong it's wonderful couldn't be happier!!!! Just scent nailed it with this one!!!! Hot and cold throw are fantastic
  13. My husband now makes alot of my molds for me Using silicone and cornstarch ( I think that's what he uses lol) I also order from Van yulay
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