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  1. Has anyone tried blending this with anything? To me, the hazelnut note is completely overwhelming and flattens out the fragrance. Curious to hear if anyone's tried adding extra coffee or bakery FO to get those notes to shine...the description of the oil makes it sound as if those should be the dominant notes, it doesn't even list hazelnut!
  2. Here it is at the 4-hour mark...a less well-behaved flame, some mushrooming, and full melt pool. Very strong HT
  3. Here is one hour in. ProBlend 600 wax in 8 oz tin with ECO-8 wick, 6% fragrance (TFC Cocoa Butter Cashmere)
  4. I am forever hunting for a very crisp, clean, ozonic ocean scent that doesn't smell like men's cologne, laundry, or copa-cabana tropical fruit smoothie. What have you found that smells like standing in the surf??
  5. How do you find the OOB smell vs in a finished candle? I haven't used it yet but OOB I'm getting all apple and almost no donut.
  6. Thank you! What should I be watching for the most in the final third? (Other than a giant full-candle apocalypse flame haha)
  7. I did the full two weeks, so I think I'm getting a good accurate burn test. It was hard to wait!
  8. I'm in the middle of a test burn, ProBlend600 soy/paraffin wax in 8 oz tins with ECO 8 wicks, fragrance load 6%. My candles are burning beautifully and I'm getting HT that I'm mostly happy with. Nice smallish flames, no dancing or sooting. However, I've gotten to nearly a full melt pool after about 1.5 hours. Everything else seems perfect so I'm not sure if they're overwicked or if this may just be how ProBlend 600 works. Help?
  9. This may be totally off the wall, but is there a temperature that wax could be heated to which would effectively remove the fragrance from the wax? Apologies if this is a really stupid question.
  10. I've just started poking my nose into insurance information, and I'm wondering at what point I actually need to have insurance. My basic plan is to start selling to friends, family, and people in my church community. Do I need insurance at that stage, or is that something I could wait until I actually call my operation a business? I'm assuming I definitely need to have it in place before even casually selling at craft fairs to strangers. My concern at the moment is the price per month on insurance being more than my sales when I'm only selling to people within my social circle.
  11. I don't think it's actually active anymore. It used to be you'd earn so many points for so many dollars spent...or sometimes if you spent enough on an order you'd get a free gift like a sample size mica powder. The last time I remember getting anything from it must have been over 5 years ago though.
  12. Could you tell me more about State Farm? I checked yesterday and their website told me they wouldn't insure a candlemaker. I'm not sure if this was affected by me being logged in under my homeowners/auto policy...could just be my local agent doesn't offer this coverage?
  13. kycandlesupply.com Kentucky Candle Supply 7945 Main Street Jeffersonville, KY 40337 kycandlesupply@yahoo.com (859) 398-6284 A smaller supplier offering beeswax and soy wax, fragrance oils, eco wicks, clamshell molds, and a handful of soap making supplies. It looks like they did offer local pickup at one time, but have suspended it due to covid. Rush ordering available for $15 charge.
  14. I've never used it in a candle, but Wholesale Supplies Plus has a Fireside fragrance oil that my husband loves...it's the only fragrance he wants in his soap and I don't mind because it smells good on him! I've never smelled the one from BBW so I don't know how close it is, but it is very nice.
  15. How do you like WSP fragrances for candles? I have tons leftover from CP soapmaking but I haven't seen anyone talking about them as a candle fragrance supplier.
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