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  1. This looks like it could be perfect! Do you find that the scents don’t stick to it after washing? That’s been my only concern with plastics
  2. I have a standard 4-lb pour pot that works great if I only put ~2 lbs of wax in it at a time. If I load it up to ~4 lbs (a full batch for me) I cannot pour wax without it running down the sides. What have you folks found that works better? Surely not everyone is only scenting and pouring 2 lbs at a time?
  3. Hi all, back again after a bit of a crazed candle making montage. I've got what I think is a pretty good product now thanks in great part to help from the lovely folks here. I'm getting ready to start selling on a small scale, getting the paperwork together to create an LLC, talking to insurance companies etc. One thing I'm not sure of is how to deliver an order to folks I know locally who order from me. Do I just...hand them a candle? I'd almost like a bag or box to put it in, but don't want to increase my cost unnecessarily, or use plastic packaging. I like the idea of cheap kraft bags with raffia handles and a logo sticker, but I'm not thrilled about the dimensions of the ones I'm able to find. What have you folks done/bought that works well? My initial product is an 8 oz tin candle with 3" base diameter.
  4. Thanks, all. I bought small packs of CDs ranging from 4-12...I know I shouldn't have to go to those extreme ends but I'm not willing to write off anything at this point.
  5. Could you point me in the right direction for size? CS doesn't include ProBlend in their wick guide, and TFC just lists CD 12 - 22 as being appropriate for my container size.
  6. Everything is overwicked. Wicking down a size from an ECO-8 to an ECO-6 somehow made the problem worse in multiple candles. Using Probend 600 in 8-oz tins, is there a better line of wicks I ought to be using? I'm torn between ordering the next size(s) down in ECO or just outright switching as I'm tired of dumping money into wicks that aren't working for me. I've noticed the PB600 stays rather soft even after a 4 week cure - does this mean I should consider looking for wicks that aren't as "hot"?
  7. I am very confused. Test burning a candle in an 8 oz tin with PB600 wax, ECO-8 wick. The flame was a bit larger than I wanted so the next day I yanked the wick out and replaced it with an ECO-6. The flame was somehow larger, very smoky, and burned the wax up like mad. Am I crazy?? What's happened here? How on earth has a smaller wick caused my candle to burn hotter and faster?
  8. It's me again, Margaret. Working my way through unending testing. I've found a wax/wick combination that, when trimmed, performs as I'd like. Untrimmed, too big a flame, lots of sooting/dancing. Should I consider downsizing the wick assuming that most customers will not actually trim their wicks properly? Or do they? I'm worlds away from selling anything, but I want to get this right.
  9. The issue I'm running into is melting 6-10 candles worth of wax in the presto pot, and wanting a different scent for each candle. I'm working my way through my initial testing stages to see what I like and what's not worth continuing to test. So basically filling the presto pot, and then measuring out ~5.5 oz worth of wax into a pouring pot, adding fragrance, mixing, and pouring. Unfortunately adding fragrance to the presto pot won't be an option until I'm actually making a whole batch of something.
  10. What is the best way to keep your wax up to temperature when transferring from Presto Pot to your smaller pour pot for scenting? It seems like no matter what I do, the thermometer reads 165 or lower once I've measured it into my pour pot, and I think I'm having fragrance issues because I'm adding to the wax at that temperature. How is it possible for my wax to lose 20 degrees of temperature going from one vessel to another? I've even tried leaving my pour pot on a heat plate to keep it hot but no matter what I do that wax just doesn't stay up to temperature. 😫
  11. I adore this fragrance, but I’m really struggling with HT. Problend 600 wax in an 8 oz tin with eco8 wick. I’ve tried FO at 6% and 8% but it’s just so weak. Anyone having luck with it?
  12. Has anyone tried blending this with anything? To me, the hazelnut note is completely overwhelming and flattens out the fragrance. Curious to hear if anyone's tried adding extra coffee or bakery FO to get those notes to shine...the description of the oil makes it sound as if those should be the dominant notes, it doesn't even list hazelnut!
  13. Here it is at the 4-hour mark...a less well-behaved flame, some mushrooming, and full melt pool. Very strong HT
  14. Here is one hour in. ProBlend 600 wax in 8 oz tin with ECO-8 wick, 6% fragrance (TFC Cocoa Butter Cashmere)
  15. I am forever hunting for a very crisp, clean, ozonic ocean scent that doesn't smell like men's cologne, laundry, or copa-cabana tropical fruit smoothie. What have you found that smells like standing in the surf??
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