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  1. They are having a sale. Purchase over $100.00 in containers lids whatever shipping is free i got like 27 cases of jars for free shipping . But you cant go over a certain weight the 9oz amber jars is like 27 cases for free shipping same with the jelly jars. With shipping being so crazy on jars . If you use any of their jars this would be a good time to get them the sale is till feb 7 also you get a extra 10% off if it is in the surplus area like the amber jars are.
  2. Bitter Creeks Maple Cream Latte is wonderful!! I also mix vanilla bean supreme with a coffee scent
  3. Bitter Creek has a great one called Lemon Pucker smells like a sour lemon drop. Bitter Creeks Grapefruit Vanilla is wonderful! They have 2 versions of it WYW and regular
  4. Holmes

    Butter Buns

    Testing their new fragrance butter buns WOW smell just like baking buttermilk biscuits with butter. Amazing! EZsoy wax ct/ht amazing
  5. Bitter Creek has a amazing coffee Maple Cream Latte It is a nice strong one!
  6. I really Like Bitter Creeks Pumpkin Cheesecake and their Pumpkin Brulee. The best Pumpkin Cheesecake i have tried Is from them i have tried 2 others and they just didn't compare!
  7. 1 oz per pound use Bitter Creeks EZsoy wax i let cure 2 weeks ht wonderful ct wonderful Ht after cure 10 ct 10 very nice twist. On amber and cinnamon
  8. This fragrance is very nice! Strong coffee fragrance with a sweet maple cream when this is brought together it is the bomb! 5 stars for sure preforms outstanding hot and cold throw
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