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  1. Maybe if you look at the different descriptions here, it will help: http://wicksunlimited.com/wicks/atkins-pearce-candle-wicks/
  2. Hello from Fl.!

    Welcome! Where in Florida are you located?
  3. Packaging! Finally Proud of Sniffies

    Those look awesome for sniffies and you could use them for perfume samples too made with your body safe fo's. Love them!
  4. Market for melt and pour

    For those of you selling M/P bars, what is your average cost per ounce and what do you sell it for per ounce? It has been a while since I have made it.
  5. So Many Changes and Loss

    Clarus’ wharehouse is in Dallas and their wax is what Greenleaf sold so you can actually pick it up from them...you are lucky 🙂
  6. So Many Changes and Loss

    Wow, not too many people have heard of AS so I am happy to know someone I can talk to and ask questions. We are getting ready to put a therapy pool in to help strengthen my spine and joints. You see more hydrotherapy spas and pools in Europe than you do in the US so our pool company is looking at some of the ones that NFL teams or physical therapy companies have. We don't have anything like that near me so it will be a big investment but water exercise is the only I can handle. I am going to send you a message about the Autoimmune Hepatitis.
  7. So Many Changes and Loss

    I reached out to Clarus and need to decide if I want to continue with buying directly from them or try something new like the coconut wax. Now to see if anyone still carries some of my favorite fragrances. I loved so many of Old Mill's/Tony's. I still have some of the Goddess, Sandalwood Rose and Dragron's Blood from the last prebuy southern gardens did a few years ago but it looks like they don't carry them anymore. I am also seeing several new companies and will have to check them out!
  8. So Many Changes and Loss

    Thank you!
  9. Wax and Wick Test - Clarus 3022

    I really like the idea of testing all the different waxes in one pan. Keep us posted if continue testing Clarus. 🙂
  10. So Many Changes and Loss

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to being apart of the boards again to get inspiration 🙂
  11. Wax and Wick Test - Clarus 3022

    Are you still testing wicks in the Clarus wax? Have you ordered this wax from the recently?
  12. I haven’t been on these boards much in several years since so much was going on in my life and I had to put my candle and bath and body stuff aside. I have been trying to read and get up to date on familiar user names since joining this forum in 2005 and was really sad to read about several members passing. I have never met any of you but I could tell personalities by just reading over the years. I didn’t have much time in the past to participate a lot in discussions because I had a pretty demanding corporate schedule and with any extra time, I found relaxation in my candle craft room. I had to step away from both the corporate world and my craft room as pain I was experiencing over the years kept getting worse. Doctors just wanted to give me pain pills but I didn’t want to become addicted and wanted answers. I finally found a good rheumatologist who took the time to go through my medical records over the years and do additional testing as I had gotten so bad that I couldn’t walk and was using a wheelchair outside of the house. I finally got my answer and diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis which is an autoimmune disease that affects the spine and joints. I was put on Humira and I am now able to walk again and I am looking forward to getting into my craft workshop and start doing what makes me happy. There have been so many changes though and I feel like a newbie testing wax and wicks all over again. I used to use Greenleaf’s parasoy which they got from Clarus and when green leaf closed, TCS became the only distributor and now that they closed, I would have to buy direct. Does anyone here use this wax? -Sherry
  13. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    I just ordered sniffies but if it’s easier and you have 2 Oz bottle or even products made with the scents, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to purchase. Whatever is easiest. I just want to know how they smell for whenever you do the coop. 😊
  14. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Are you still selling the sniffles? I have been MIA for a few years but looking to possibly start up again.
  15. I used them for 13 years without a problem until now and the fact that they could care a less about the bad oil, just made me realize they obviously don't care about my loyalty as a customer. So onward marching.