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  1. Tokoo

    4625/6006 Wax

    I have mostly been using 60% 6006 and 40% 4625. If I add to much 4625 I don't get as good of a HT, never noticed the funky smell. I like 60/40, but mine are not super hard, I prefer melts of the firm side. I did a 50/50, that worked good, but I had little to no HT.
  2. Tokoo

    4625/6006 Wax

    I have to give it a try, have been so busy lately, I haven't made anything. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Tokoo

    Need your criticism please

    Oh that makes sense then. You seem to have what is needed to catch the eye, clean, and professional looking. I'd say you done a great job, Illustrator can be a challenge using itself.
  4. Tokoo

    Need your criticism please

    Looks pretty good, but I would try and stick with one color scheme to make it easier, but I guess it would depend on what color paper your using as well. The 2 in the middle seem to catch the eye a little more the the others.
  5. I use cloths pins, I tried the Popsicle sticks, and had the same issue, manly due to them not keeping tension on the wick itself.
  6. Tokoo

    My Fairy Label

    WoW those are really nice. Wish you luck on your new line.
  7. Tokoo

    Honest feedback

    Adding onto what @Hopie suggested, make sure to get your site out there. I did YouTube, and had a website years ago, from my experience Facebook, Twitter, and stuff like those, are not that great for starting up, unless you have 10k followers, the reason is over half of your followers will not see your post, unless they actually look at your profile. Reddit, and sites I traded on with my info posted in my signature actually better results. Also make sure if your not, use Google Analytics, to see were your traffic comes from. In time which it takes a lot of for websites trust me, its a waiting game. You will see results, but your design and layout is very nice, and the most important thing that you nailed is it's easy to navigate.
  8. Tokoo

    For the future...

    When it comes to doing business, and having licence, is subject to the state you live/sell from. For example in VA you are allowed to actually sale up to a certain amount without having licence, but I don't think many states do that. I have never done a LLC before, but I know their is a lot of info and links on this forum already that should be a lot of help,. If you have the money, or just don't want to do all the legwork at lot of people use Legal Zoom to setup a LLC. However filling all the paper work out yourself is always going to be cheaper, but not easier.
  9. Tokoo

    Soap I made yesterday..

    These are so lovely looking, great job.
  10. The real question isn't how much is it going up by, but is the quality going to go up with the price or down lol.
  11. Tokoo

    Getting back into it

    Nice, I never been up that away but always wanted to visit the Civil War sites up through there. I live on the VA/KY border of VA, this place is so behind the times lol. I agree I hate how humid it gets here. About July I start feeling it, I been trying to get my girlfriend to move up to Canada, or Alaska, anywhere cold is fine.
  12. LoL yep, haven't done that in awhile, we hardly buy them, not a huge fan of marshmellows, besides for hot coco, or smores. .
  13. Tokoo

    Getting back into it

    Lol same here, went to the market Saturday it was like 78 degrees. That night went outside for a smoke, about froze it dropped to 35 degrees and I woke up to a inch of snow the next day. Some weird weather. Not sure about Candybee, but I am in Virginia.
  14. Tokoo

    Process question

    I don't think it would, a lot of people pour 6006 at high temps, so they can't have more then a minute or 2 after adding FO. I can't confirm that to be true, because I pour mine near slush to minimize issues.