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A couple of newbies..........


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Soapgirl10, On the chamomile did you infuse the oils in any way? I'm asking because I put chamomile tea bags in some OO and I'm letting them sit in the kitchen. I've been reading about infusing (is that the right word LOL) Oils with herbs.

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Thanks for all of the nice compliments.:) The little flecks in the soap are chamomile from a tea bag. I used a crinkle cutter to cut the bars. :) To get this particular shape I used the green silicone loaf mold from WSP and after I pour the soap into the mold, I basically sit the molds in a wooden box that holds them up off the bottom so the middle bows down. :yay:

I LOVE SOAPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh............and my skin does too:laugh2:

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