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Something you can eat :)


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So I am looking for that scent that YOU just want to bite into..I am thinking something buttercream frosting or cake like??!

something rich and deep and no matter what form its in-candle,soap,lotion..it just makes you want to take a nibble!

whats that for you??

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ng's Frosted lime cupcake

flickers/elements wildberry flapjacks

ics's vanilla frosted grahams

backwoods's gingerbread latte -I just want to drink this.

millcreek's banana nut bread & creme brulee

I'm testing ng's orange creme cupcake & it's smelling great.

tennessee's cinnamon toffee

tennessee's cinnamon frosting

tennessee's this old house

millcreek's gourmet sugar cookie mixed 50/50 with millcreeks spicy gingerbread.

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There are way too many to choose from! A friend of mine always tells me my food ones start to make her salvate!

Berts lemon biscotti pie is great

Berts dark chocolate mint

KY's coconut cream pie and orange chiffon cake, birthday cake, creme brulee

CS strawberry shortcake

NG's pumpkin crunch cake

BW Gingerbread latte

CMS Orange Danish

I could probably think of quite a few more. LOL. I am testing lots of spring and summer stuff right now or I would probably be more food oriented!

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I'm testing a new one right now, and it smells fantastic. It's Sugar Cookie from Miami-Erie Candle Supply, but it smells exactly like vanilla cake frosting -- the kind you get in a can in the baking aisle at the supermarket. Yummmmmyyyy...

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