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  1. Just Scents has my favorite Mulled Wine scent, most others are heavy in clove which I personally don't like, Just Scents is spicy, but not clovey.
  2. By "feeling the herb smell" do you mean you want it to burn your nose hairs? For instance, like when people with colds use menthol or eucalyptus in steam diffusers to help clear their airways? And what specific herb do you mean? There are lots of different herbs that are available in fragrance oils for candle making.
  3. You're welcome! I've smelled a sample (haven't used it yet) and it's wonderful oob!
  4. Elements has a Coco-Beach Baby FO. Description from their website: **AKA Coconut Milk & Peaches** Uplifting blend of juicy ripe peaches and fresh coconut with hints of sweet milk... absolutely incredible summer scent that everyone seems to love!
  5. Fillmore has a Cinnamon Cider that is excellent, but I've also had good results with Lonestar's Spiced Apple so you might want to stick with what you have!
  6. My #1 personal preference from them is Vanilla Grapefruit.
  7. Do you add cinnamon to make it a snickerdoodle scent? Or anything else?
  8. You have a lipstick addiction too? I buy the same color over & over except in different brands!
  9. I went through my 1 oz samples a few years back and mixed together similar scents, like all apple cinnamon types, various pumpkin types, etc. Turns out when I tested the mixes many of them threw better for me than the individual fo's did!
  10. Since the Fragrance Finder website appears to be gone it's probably going to be hard to find an exact BBW dupe with so many suppliers (see list pinned at the top of this forum). If you can find a ginger fo and a cardamom fo you might try blending your own. Good luck!
  11. I use q-tips and small candle jars that I've used for testers. I also try to make sure they get a small amount of heat, either on the back of the stove or in the sun so the oils volatilize.
  12. I'm also happy to hear good things about Fillmore's Tomato Garden. CS also has a new Tomato Leaf fragrance oil, has anyone tried that yet?
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