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Opinions on a few Backwoods scents


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I'm starting to consider fragrances for 2010's winter and holiday season (I know it's barely April, but I have a really boring day job with no limits on my internet use that lets me plan really, really far ahead) and I have a small list from Backwoods that I'm thinking about. I've never ordered anything from them, but I see a lot of people on here talking about them, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Any reviews on these scents?

Bay Leaf & Pepper

Gingerbread Latte

Honey Gingerbread

Pistachio Dream Cake

Sugar Plum Fairy


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BW has some awesome scents. The only gingerbread I use is BW's Honey Gingerbread.

Haven't tried the others but these are ones I have that I love:

Pumpkin Cornbread

Backwoods Blue

Cashmere & Pearls

Black Irish

Pear Vanilla


Twigs & Berries

The baked apple was not strong enough in my parasoy.

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Pistachio Dream Cake is awesome...very strong =)

I agree, it's the only one on your list that I've tried and I love it! I mix it with a Whipped Cream FO though, makes it more to my taste.

[Edited to add] Oh! I forgot about the Pumpkin Cornbread! OOB it is incredibly yummy smelling but I haven't poured it yet. After smelling my tester though I immediately ordered some more! I hths!

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I just ordered a few to try and here's what I ordered based on reviews and what I wanted to try:

pumpkin cornbread

backwoods blue

vanilla sugar

pink pearberry

gingerbread latte

pistachio dream cake

cashmere and pearls

breeze in the keys

pomegranate and peaches


amazingly graceful

frosted orange danish

hazelnut coffee

passionfruit and guava


I actually meant to order honeyed gingerbread. Not sure how I left that off. Obviousy not all of these are fall scents but I should get them on Monday and plan to put some of them in wax next week and will be happy to give you a review after I get them if you haven't ordered yet.

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Honey Gingerbread--one of my favorites in cp. I haven't put it in wax for some reason but want to now.

Passionfruit & Guava--love this one in all sorts of b&b

Hummingbird--another fave and has a nice throw in paraffin

Amazingly Graceful--the only AG dupe I've ever been able to get to throw in wax. Love it!

Lilac--I try to keep this one in cp stock at all times. Scent is beautiful and sticks forever

Pumpkin Cornbread--makes a very nice clean smelling cp bar and good throw in paraffin

Backwoods Blue--very nice manly scent. DH loves this soap

Tropical Fusion--I use this one and rename it for my local beach. Wonderful in soap and candles

CS is fantastic, and so are the fo.

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Luci if your DH likes the BW Blue you should try their Black Irish. its better than any Green Irish Tweed I've tried and you can only get it from BW. I bet he'll love that too. I put it in M&P and people who buy it get several bars of it at a time.

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I recently made a batch of votives with the bay leaf and pepper. Cold throw is awesome. However, the hot throw wasn't very great, and I got a lot of mushrooms with my usual votive wick. Tried a second kind of wick and got the same poor hot throw and tons of shrooms.

I'll be trying a few more wicks on this one because I really like the scent. Maybe I can cut down on the 6% FO load too.

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Bay Leaf & Pepper-Does well in CP. Can't tell you about D on it though, I colored it green with a black swirl. Nice manly scent.

Gingerbread Latte-I don't do candles but this has one awesome scent in parasoy tarts.

Honey Gingerbread-This one is great in both the parasoy tarts and in CP. It does Discolor to a reddish brown but I used that to my advantage.

pumpkin cornbread-I have used this in parasoy tarts and also in CP. It does D but you can work that to your advantage. Sells great in the fall.

pink pepperberry-Great in CP soap. Scent holds great at .8oz/lb. I did it in pink with a faint black swirl. Sells well for me.

cashmere and pearls-CPed this one. It's not an extremely strong scent at .8oz/lb. It's got a softer side that I really like.

lilac & linen-AWESOME scent in CP. Just soaped it a few weeks ago and it's holding well. Moved slightly fast, but i do a deep water discount. I still had time for a lilac swirl.

humingbird-soaped this a few weeks ago. Holding well. Had time to do a 2 color swirl. So far so good.

I will be ordering larger bottles of the Lilac & Linen and Hummingbird next week.


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The lilac and linen is also awesome in wax. The votives I made with this smelled up my whole first floor - just one votive burning (6% in 4625). It's a very lovely fragrance, and I am not a floral lover. I just had to get something with lilac since it is the state flower of NH!

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I have tried most of Connie's FO and have loved every single one. She is super sweet to work with as well.

Here are my faves:

Pink Pepperberry ~ So unique and yummy!

Pear Vanilla ~ Wonderful pear scent. LOVE this one!

Honey Gingerbread ~ Mmmmmmmm!

Lilac ~ The best lilac out there...IMO

Backwoods Blue ~ Very nice man scent...made body spray for my hubby and he loved it.

Pumpkin Cornbread ~ In a word...DELISH!

You can't go wrong with any of BW's oils. They are special.

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...She is super sweet to work with as well.

You can't go wrong with any of BW's oils. They are special.

I have to ditto this nm. Connie has always been really great to work with and all of her scents I've tried (none in candles, all in B&B) have worked well for what I wanted them in. I will have to try a few in candles too! :)

In answer to your question, I have only used her Bay Leaf and Pepper in HP soap and the guys love it! So do women too. It's got a really nice, warm, spicy fragrance that's appealing and unisex. Would love to try her plum fairy one.

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