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Cuts and pieces (pix heavy)


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Blue Chamomile wet.


My how the colors tame themselves, but I'm becoming disappointed in my Midnight colors, which aren't producing a dark blue any more.


Feel the Love ... cut. The colors becme more tame.


Green Tea & Ginger cut. Still quite strong and nice.


What we call Oh, Foxy Lady.


Yes, I make mistakes and for the life of me I don't know why this one has to be a monster. Will see how it does in a month. I know the scent will stick, but not sure if the middle will change to green or if it will bite me either. It's a fast mover and I privately name this one Bitch. However, this is a case of using midnight colors (only TD is the white) and they freaked on me and turned moss green on the outside. Had I added white anywhere else, understandable, as when I add TD to blues, they go green.


Calling this Heiress, maybe (even though it doesn't look like one.) Depends on how it behaves through cure. If scent dies out, it will become shreds.


Just for SYR. It's the NP cut. Inside coloring doesn't appear to be too affected yet after all this time.


Savannah. This one has me a tad nervous. It's possible the log didn't sit long enough to be harder than it was when cut.


Stonewash Denim cuts. Again, the blues are aggravating me. The grayish looking color is the Midnight Train I believe (TKB).











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All that and the coolest one was left out, but really the colors have started to chill out on this one. Shame, because it would have been fun to have something named Fire Island or Tropical Heat. Naming will depend on what this looks like inside too and if the scent stays true.



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You get aggravated, disappointed, and nervous too much. :) heeehee!

Your soapies are ALWAYS lovely... and the quality of them rocks.

I heart your soaps! Guys... if you haven't tried Scented's soaps, you surely don't know what you are missing. :cheesy2:

ETA: That Blue Chamomile is making me drool.

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Guys... if you haven't tried Scented's soaps, you surely don't know what you are missing. :cheesy2:

I would love to know what I'm missing which is why, Scented, I hope you're officially signed up for the spring soap swap. But, of course, then my fear will be sending you one of mine.

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