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Last of the M&P Soap Fun for now, Im Low On Soap:(


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Okay, my soap I got from the Coop (Well Dee anyway who was in the coop) is almost gone!!! WHAAA!!! So Ill try and not bother ya'll anymore for a bit with my M&P pics..well for at least the rest of this week, seeing its friday..lol..Not promising about CP pics since Ill be goin back to that till I get more soap:D I see Lots of posting about TKB Colorants used in M&P etc..These are all from there,(where applicable ) and first mixed with warm glycerin.

Sorry the pics arnt the best if you cant see detail, its taken with my Iphone! You all have a blessed day!

FOH Blueberry Verbeana with TKB Blueberry POP and Lemon Pop



SS Sechycles (SP?) Cove Brown Oxide TKB & Apple green POP/Moss oxide

They are footballs in grass if you cant see, My phone camera was all I had .


Fairytale Dreams If you cant see its a castle Inside the soap on pink and white cloudy bottom ..This is using Lake Dye Lavender/Baby Pink TKB


This Was for an order, This took forever, as I hadnt used this moldbefore. but it has 6 layers of different color purples that lightly blend together:..Also All from TKB SCented My Fair Lady.DS.Love this scent!


Okay...Thats all folks!

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Thank you Ladies, I love creating new designs with this stuff!

Jokerjen.. I have no idea how long it took..My dad was speaking at a convention and I was watching him online via webcast and would run back and worth in between layers like a mad woman when I thought the next layer had set!!HAHA

Im surprised it even came out nd I didnt forget something!

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