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Today's project


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And we have bath cupcakes!

After Van_Yuley's class you guys are probably sick of seeing bath cupcakes but I got a couple in a swap and just had to have more. They were lots of fun to make. Thanks Monica!


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Thanks everyone! :yay:

Gorgeous! Did you use royal icing or VY's recipe?

I used Van_Yuley's recipe.

Those are great! Is the class posted on the forum somewhere? :confused:

Here you go:

This is for the bottom cupcake...


and this link for the icing tutorial.


I halved both recipes and I got nine cupcakes out of it with plenty of left over icing. I could have built them higher.

Also I don't own a kitchen aid mixer so I just hand wisked the bath bombs and used my hand mixer for the icing. But overall I really like the recipes. The bombs come out good and hard and tonight I'm going to see how well the icing dissolves in the tub.

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Since I'd rather take a shower, I hadn't had any desire to try the bath cupcakes, but I just had an epiphany. Could these be used to make shower discs scented in Sinus Relief for an aromatherapy shower? I know Vicks or some cold medicine company had something like that last year that my son said helped him in the mornings.

I may have to order the ingredients and give this a try, but would like your opinions!

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