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My first tub truffles


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Thanks for the great response!

Rae- nope he hasn't tried them yet, I'm anxiously awaiting his next bath.

Blest- I used a recipe that I think I could in the archives of this forums old forum (but I'll have to verify that). If I can find the source, I'll post it here and let you know. They were super easy!

I was thinking when I make them for selling I'll pour some colored melt and pour soap or colored cocoa butter into the swirl at the top before I pour in the rest of the truffle so there will be some color coordination with the scent.

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Ok, so hubby just took his first bath with one of these. It fizzed like it was supposed to, but not enough so I think a little more citric acid might be needed. And it did leave a brown ring around the tub but it wipes right off.... I'm thinking maybe I used a little too much color to start so I'll back off the next time I make these and see if that makes a difference.

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Your truffles look divine! I tried my a batch for the first time today and I can't seem to get them out of the molds...how long do I have to leave them in the molds before trying to remove? I guess it would help if I let them get hard completely?? I'm very new to the whole bath and body world...thanks!

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