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Endless Love CP batch with swirls


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Beautiful! Thanks to your videos I think I know why I haven't been able to swirl. Your soaps constantly inspire me. I won't give up until I can swirl. :smiley2:

Why do you add your FO before trace? Gosh your good! I can never make soap without long sleeves and gloves. I always manage to get a few splashes of lye/water or raw soap on myself. Och:shocked2:

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I know you can do it, I'm rooting for you. :yay:

If I've soaped it before and know it behaves it is just easier. I probably should pour for the swirl colors after emulsion and then add the FO. I would definitely do it if I have a color that I know is going to go brown so the swirls color won't turn brown also. HTH

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Your soaps are beautiful and your video is fantastic. You did a great job of explaining the whole process. I make my soap a bit differently but I learned a lot watching your video.

The mold your husband made is amazing and I love the dividers that go into it. I bet a lot of people here are going to ask if your husband will make them molds. Who do you get the lexan from on ebay (if it's a secret no worries)?

After watching this I have a few questions for you. You said you make 4 or 5 batches at a time. Do you make each batch individually (ie. weigh oils) and then bag each batch up. Then when you go to make it you grab one batch amount from a bag and then you do your lye and water at that point? This idea is brilliant and one I'd love to try as well.

How much titanium dioxide do you use per pound of oils? I have used TD in the past and find it's hit or miss for me, usually I don't use enough and the soap isn't the shade I want or I use too much and the soap is brittle. I've been avoiding using it for that reason. I know it also depends on what FO or EO you use that determines the shade of your batch.

I love the idea of adding the scent to the melted oils and always add just before light trace. Like you I don't go to trace but just combine the lye/water and oils quickly. The only problem of adding the scent in after trace or just before is that I usually have to mix it a lot longer to completely blend it in which means sometimes my soap gets too thick.

Later today I'm planning on making my 1st batch of CP in 4 months. Our neighbours 50,000 litre pool collapsed and flooded our entire fully furnished basement. So my stuff was all in boxes and I've only been able to do M&P (which I also enjoy). So the video really inspired me.

Thanks so much for sharing this technique.

Blessings :)

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Since I have everything out to weigh, I just multiply by however many batches I want to make up. Ex... 4 x each ingredient. I melt my hard butters or oils first and then add my liquid oils to that in a large container with a lid. Then I measure 4 x my water add 1 tsp. TD per pound of oils and 4 pinches of silk and stir well. Measure 4 x the lye and add to water in a pitcher and transfer to bottle with a screw on lid when cool.

To make a batch, just stir master batch and measure out for 1 batch of oils. Shake lye water and measure for 1 batch.

If I know the FO behaves and doesn't discolor I add it to the oils. If it is going to discolor, I take out for the swirls and then add FO to the main batch. I saw a video where the person barely mixed (about half the time I did) and poured out for the swirls. She had plenty of time to play.

This explains everything about the molds and liners:



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Thanks for the info and links. I'm intrigued by your master batching. Do you soap at room temperature then as your video mentioned you just melt your oils? Have you had any problems ever with master batching? This would make my life so much easier and I'm dying to try it.

I've got about 4 soaps on my list to make so thinking of giving it a whirl.

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Most people just stir and go but I have a lot of hard oils so I divide it into 2 # containers (ice cream buckets) that will fit in my small microwave and just heat a min. Mix, measure out number of ounces of oils.

I use an empty, clean laundry or fabric softener bottle for the lye.

Some would only add the TD on certain batches and not in the lye water for every batch. They mix with a little water and add to oils.

I have never had a problem doing it this way but there are more experienced soapers on here than me. They might be able to add something I don't know.

You might try looking under search for master+ batching and get a lot more info. HTH

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