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Terra Cotta Diffuser Stones?


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I just finished up a show and had several people ask if I could find the terra cotta stones. They usually are round(ish) with designs on them and you just drop a few drops of oil on them and I'm looking for the type you can hang...at a wholesale price of course-lol. I can find retail approx $5 but can't locate at wholesale. Anyone have any ideas?

TIA :yay:

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I put FO in them with no problems.....until for some reason one started dripping. Not all the time...just random drips. Not I only put 1 or 2 drops in it and watch it get absorbed so it's not excess oil in it coming out.

It's one I have on a wall (Angel holding a vase) and every month I happen to notice a line on the wall underneath it. Since it's terra cotta it could easily have cracks in it or if you put too much and it absorbs it maybe it would drip. Now I haven't added any oils in over 3 months and I still get the drip so I'm totally confused. The drip is sticky and smells nice so it has to be the FO but why it's still coming out I have no clue.

Word of advice: Don't ever waste money on those terra cotta balls that you heat up on the stove in a little pot....total waste of money. They don't hold the scent and it doesn't throw worth a crap until I threw it in the garbage!

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I have a question about these....I was looking on google and every site I found says you use essentail oils on these. Do you have to use EOs or can you use regular FOs?

Hi Patty.

Yes, you can use F/O on the terracotta stones. I sell them exactly for that purpose. However, because adding the f/o will make the terracotta oily, you will need to hang the stones in an area away from any surfaces onto which it may leave an oil mark. You only add a few drops...and then must allow the oil to diffuse off/out of the stone, or you will get drips....the hotter the area, the better the diffusing. HTH

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