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Spring Mottled Votives


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These are fresh out of the molds, not even wicked yet. I was pleased with how the colors came out and thought I'd share. They are 4045H from Candlewic.


Raspberry Violet (Raspberry)

Pure Grace (Purple)

Cucumber Melon (Lime)

Champagne Pomegranate (Peach)

Pink Sugar (Pink)

Vanilla Bean Noel (Yellow)

Endless Love (Blue)

Caribbean Holiday (Turquoise)


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I have a show coming up the day before Mother's Day that is special; it's a small street fair and 90% of my customers will be kids. It's very sweet to see them thinking of someone else for a change! I am making votives for them. They like the low ticket items but I make up for it in volume. It's one of my favorite events!



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I love those!!! I had been thinking about ordering that wax...now I'm going to do so! They are soo cute!

Add 2-3 TBS of stearic per pound of wax and pour at 175 for mottles with this wax. I've been using it for several years.

Thanks all. The testers smell awesome!


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