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Yes, I managed to squeak one in....hehe


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Hummingbird FO with lemon drop, apple green and purple pops.



I wasn't sure if this batch was going to turn out as the green and purple were really thin, and the base had gotten really thick, but everything turned out just fine and I'm pleased with them. Let me know what you think.

As always, comments/criticism/suggestions welcomed.



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Gorgeous looking swirling and blend with the colors!!! Was that hp or cp? Looks very oceany. Like ocean water type something. What does hummingbird smell like? A floral? Gorgeous soap!!!! You just couldn't wait huh? ;)

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Thank you Freezin, Vio, and MzChoize and soapbuddy!

Freezin, I love your pic of the Yukon river in July, it's simply beautiful. I take it you're in the Yukon? (I try never to assume, lol)

Vio, yep, had to sneak one in.... shhhhh, don't tell my hubby or doctor, they'll probably both shoot me. But the one gal who comes and stays with me just loves all my soaps, so with her help, we got everything measured out and mixed up to cool down and then made the batch. I told her the next time, that she is going to measure everything out, including the lye and get it mixed. She's hooked, I can tell already :laugh2:

MzChoize... hey, you're right, it does look a little artsy there doesn't it... like an abstract.

soapbuddy, I love those pop colors and am so glad I got them!

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LOL that's great you have someone interested in making it too. I can't wait till I can teach my daughter this stuff one day. She's interested in it now, but no way she's playing with any lye yet at almost 8! LOL ;)

Those pops are the best. I'm loving them. Definately will be buying more when my 1 oz sampler kit is gone. :)

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I I like Purple and Green together those are just Gawgeous!!

I am so glad you are feeling better. :tiptoe:

You know you are a true soaper when it comes to making soaps no matter how you feel. :lipsrseal

Take care of yourself!!:highfive:


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Thank you Ducky, jbren, Anita, Meridith and Barbara. I just love those pop colors and know I won't be letting myself run out of them for sure!

Vio, I just realized I never answered your questions above :laugh2:

It's CP and Hummingbird is a light floral scent. I'm not a big flowery person, but this one is just the ticket and so pretty and dainty. I bet you would love it too.

Barbara, you're right, you know you're a true soaper when you manage to figure out how to get the 40 lb container of coconut oil over to the counter. Plan B was to just take my bowl and scale over to the bucket, lol.:P

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jbren, you definately need to just break down and get them. You know you want them....so do it...I don't know how you held out this long! ROFL!

Scented, glad to hear you like the colors too, lol. :P

I made another batch of soap today but didn't use the pop colors. I'm worried about it. Not sure if I'll have a deep purple bar that bleeds blue or what, but time will tell. :laugh2:

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