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Cotton with pop!


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I am loving my pops sampler, the colors are so vibrant! The scent is , cotton blossoms, (renamed clean cotton). The blueberry and lemon drop pop, really do as described. Honestly, I just couldn't wait to use them, even tho I'm low on supplies, and got a wonky scale.:rolleyes2


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Thanx for the comments, arent those colors something? I'm already thinking of another color combo with these darn pops! :angry2::rolleyes2

Pretty! Do you swirl at thick trace?

Yes, kept the color from blending too much, but the green was cool with these colors, if i mixed too much.:)

Very nice! I'm not going to come back to the gallery until all of you shut up about these freakin POP colors!...ya know I don't like messing with colors..but..umm... these prettyful colors are making me want to playyyy:( :drool:

I totally feel you on that! :grin2: I felt like a kid, waiting on the mailman, eager to play in my new paint kit.:drool: You might as well, get ya paints out and join the fun.:P

( I'm almost too eager to unmold these babies as I type!:waiting:)

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Where did you get that mold and do you have any problems with it? Also, do any of these pop colors bleed? I feel myself slipping.....arrrrgh:(

C'mon .... you know you WANT some colors!! :P


Beautiful soap Mz.Choize!! Love the swirls and colors!! ;)

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