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    I love making natural goat's milk soap without preservatives or parabens and working in my greenhouse when I have time.

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  1. Thanks Shannon, I went ahead and did 5% and can hardly smell it in the product. I had to get busy because I had a deadline. lol 1% sounds like it would be really weak.
  2. I have searched everywhere on this site, of course probably not good at it. lol Can someone give me an idea what the percentage of fragrance oil should be per lb. of lotion bar recipe? It's been ages since I have made them. TIA, Kristy
  3. Shannon, I wanted to let you know I have been praying for you ❤️
  4. My email is Lovelylathers@aol.com and you can PayPal invoice me if you like. Thanks! Kristy
  5. Oh thank goodness! I would like 2 lbs. if you have it. Let me know, thanks so much! Kristy
  6. I am in desperate need of Tonic. I tried to email Shannon, and she hasn't answered me. Does anyone have some I can purchase? Thanks, Kristy
  7. Could someone post the link to the original thread about Fillmore's Christmas Tree scent? I searched everywhere! Thanks, Kristy
  8. Any word if WSP Vanilla Bean Noel is as strong as Tennessee candle?
  9. Trappeur, I just read on a fb candlemaking group that the buttered maple syrup from Just Scents is just like crossroads. I'm planning on ordering soon because I love their candle!! I sell my soap to a store in Amish country in the next county to me and this is their number one seller candle. They have a huge display of the buttered maple syrup candles.
  10. Thank you Vicki! Will they do 2 1/2-3"? I will have to make a trip there soon!
  11. Wow, would have never thought of opening the box to air them out. Thanks so much!
  12. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I pouring to hot? I made these before to give as gifts, opened them for some people to sniff and they don't smell like the scent. Smells all of plastic. What am I doing wrong? TIA, Kristy
  13. It's not the flat kind that sits down on top of the wax. Thanks anyway Thanks Scented...
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