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A pop, a yolk and an ahhh


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Got distracted from what I was going to soap. Hoping the reddish in this lightens. It's SS, so it's not that predictable lol. Color is Spring Iris. The green is the apple pop from the coop (1/4 tsp since I didn't want a lot of green, but got it anyway) and the yellow is the cosmetic yellow yolk (some such, which is supposed to have something novelty about it) at 1/2 tsp.

Now the scent was a piece of cake and no trouble. Notes on the site weren't deceiving. Scented Flora Magi and it's a gorgeous scent ... a little tropical and floral mix.



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WOW woman, you're on a roll, just soapin' away at all hours! :D

I did almost the same exact colors for fruit slices the other day! :D

Of course, all my colorants separated and probably look like crap inside the soap (haven't cut it yet). :undecided

So, obviously I really like that color combination you have going there and the scent description goes perfectly with them.

You have a lot of cutting and pic. taking to do soon! (hint hint).

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