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Secret Santa Stuff

Grumpy Girl

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Photos of a couple of Secret Santa baskets that are on the way to their new owners that I promised to post.

Excuse the photos, I blew out two bulbs on my spotlights today and had to wing it because I'm too lazy to go get more right now.

Southern Harlot Tin

(Daystar's Tulu)


2 pack of Bert's Lemon Biscotti


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Oh Wow! Just for a moment I thought I could smell them. So where can we purchase them? I would love to buy one.

Thanks so much everyone. I LURVE making baskets/tins. If anyone would like one, just shoot me an email at sales@grumpygirlcandles.com or PM me here on the board and we can discuss scent choices for the products. I haven't got this particular basket on the site this year but they can be ordered most definitely.

I really hope the recipients enjoy them.

The Southern Harlot scent is Tulu type from Daystar. It is to die for, I think anyway. :) Here's Daystar's Description:

Day-Star is excited to introduce “Tolu” by Ormonde Jayne – this very hard-to-find fragrance is now available! It begins with top notes of juniper berry, orange blossom, and clary sage. At the heart of this beautiful fragrance you will find hints of orchid, Moroccan rose, and muguet. It ends with notes of Tolu, Tonka bean, golden frankincense and soft amber. This fragrance is truly classic and upscale!

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