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It's Been A Year!


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I've been soaping for a year now and these are a few of my anniversary soaps. I've got plenty more but will share them at another time. In another thread I will share my Kitchen Drawer soap:grin2: after I fooled the gremlins and fairies by making LS they left me alone and I was a maaaaaad soaper:laugh2: 1.Lavender-Patchouli 2. Island 3. Castile 4.GM and carrot 4.GM.

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Your soaps are beautiful. You guys are giving me the itch to try CP, so far I have been doing MP.
Thanks, my favorite one is the ocean view castile. After I unmolded it I wished I had added a ocean fragrance:mad: yeahhhh try cp...so you can become an addict like the rest of us:drool:
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