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My Newest Wax Creation Pt 2

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Oh WOW! Are those Cinnabuns? God I love those things!! I know they are pretty much American but over here at the Lakeside shopping centre there is a cinnabun shop - ohhhh the smell and the taste is to die for :drool:

Those look great, surely you aren't going to burn that LOL, damn I am sounding like my Mum, she has candle she has had for years and she just will NOT burn them!

Let us know what it burns like, if you light it :D and well done you!


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Thank you Anjie

Yep they are and giving this one as a gift to one of my friends here that doesn't burn candles in a design like this..but plan on making another one and seeing how it does burn!

The scents are:

skillet: potpourri spice

frosting: buttercream

cinni's: Cinnamon buns

And all of the scents go wonderful together!

Thanks again hon!


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Guest SecretBuddy021

Toooooooo cute there Stephanie! :D

I'm still curious how big those are?

:drool: I bet they smell divine!

Thanks, now I want some cinnabuns! LOL

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Well Geez there Top

With the burning question on this one,

which was no problem cramming and filling it since I knew that this certain one would not be burned but put out for decoration, so I did not have to worry about the overflow of the wax over the skillet.

And btw, thank you for the realistic compliment


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