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    Likes: Animals, almost any kind of music, flavored coffees, dangly earrings, cooking, reading, Love Betty Boop, anything beachy (love the ocean)
    Favorite colors: Purple, pink, jewel tones and vibrant colors
    Favorite scents: anything soft...#1 sugar cookies, any kind of vanillas, brown sugars. Most fruity scents.

    Dislikes: Heavy floral scents, sorry cant stand Patchouli, hate snakes.

    For the most part I am very easy going.
  1. I hate to admit it but yes I have one:o and I love dressing it....the clothes are kinda expensive though so I got out my trusty sewing machine....I have had it 4yrs and have only made a pillow on it....still learning to use it:wink2: But was wondering if anyone has any patterns for these clothes or know where I can get some. I found 1 from simplicity but I would like some more. Thanks Angied
  2. My personal opinion I dont see why you cant use one. Like mizbizzyb said she uses it on direct heat. So I dont see why you cant use it for lip balms. Plus mine atleast has a spout to pour from. I would maybe try alittle first and find out:D Angied
  3. Those are just toooo cute:drool: where did you get that mold for the skillet? I agree with everyone else they are just too cute to burn:) Angied
  4. Well I call my Monkey Business, I liked the name Monkey and business sounds alittle better:wink2:
  5. I have looked at all your pics, you do excellent work with soaps, I really need to try and make some more....your inspiring me to do it:highfive:
  6. I LOVE the last one!!! You always have cool soaps though!!!
  7. Those are sooo neat looking, dont mean to sound silly but are those CP or MP? Love the look:highfive:
  8. I myself am more of a shower person, but have made this and used it myself (dont sell it) and loved it. It is soooo worth trying out. Just wait for a chilly day and go take a hot bubble bath and test it. Even if you dont stay in it for long you'll like it.
  9. My vote is for Orange smoothie...I mean it is smoothing your skin:wink2:
  10. Is that an actual candle....I wonder if that bulb is real or wax....that is too cute. Hope someone knows, sorry I am not alot of help:embarasse Angie
  11. Here is a place on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Covered-Crochet-Wooden-Coat-Non-Slip-Hangers-Set-of-3_W0QQitemZ260084337134QQihZ016QQcategoryZ43505QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. I made some of those for a m/p soap swap once...let me see if I can find the directions..... OK lets see if this works:grin2: http://www.michaels.com/art/online/projectsheet?pid=24169 HTH Angied
  13. the multi colored scarf is made with the longer purple one. I want to learn how to make an afghan...or atleast panels to sew together one. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know:grin2: Angied
  14. Hey glo, see if this works and is what your looking for:highfive: http://yarngear.com/looms/projects1.htm http://decoraccentsinc.com/sock_instructions.html Angied
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