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Boyfriend's first candle plus yet another layered rustic

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I helped my boyfriend make his first candle (it would probably help if I knew what *I* was doing, lol) and it came out really nice. I promised I'd post it on the forum, so everyone ooh and ahhh a whole bunch, k?

EDIT: That isn't actually a crack... I'm pretty sure it's just a weird bit of frosting


I also have to post my latest attempt because I love how it turned out. I tilted the mold (in a bowl of rice) and rotated it a little each time I went to pour another layer. Next time I'll try rotating it more than that to see how the layers turn out.


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So you're passing the addiction on to your boyfriend, huh? You're getting really good at this!

Nah... I couldn't really see him getting into it. He was pretty excited about giving the candle to his mom though, so maybe I can convince him to at least make a few more. :grin2:

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