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Lemon Sugar/Cumberland Meadow

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I've got an overrun of FO that needs to go into some soap. The first is Solas's Lemon Sugar. I dusted the top wtih silver mica, but you can't really see it here.


Cumberland Meadow, AKA Solas's Hayride. I love this scent, kinda citrus, kind of musky, very outdoorsy. Soaped well too. It looks like a spiderweb on the front bar, no?


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Awww, thanks guys! :o

It is a non discoloring FO jbren, as far as brown goes anyway. It discolors to a very pale lemon yellow, just perfect for the FO. I used select shades in both of them. The green was a free hand mix, I probably couldn't reproduce it again if I tried.

When I first started making soap, I just had to have the smooth tops... not anymore. Now they have to be whipped. OCD's I guess. Next week it'll probably be something different. :D

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You know....we really should hate you. :D

Dayum but those are some nice looking soaps! Between those and the soap porn that we are waiting for and the ones on your site....if I just send you my CC, will you send me one of each?? I swear I've almost talked DH into a log of your Acid Trip just because it's a work of art! ROFL.

You :rockon: , Grumpy!


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