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lip balm flavorings


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was just wondering what company do you use for your lip balm flavorings ?

i've used bittercreek north and my customers really like the flavors.. but was wondering if there are more companys out there that offer ..

thanks much


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WSP are not good, in my opinion. I used the recommended amount and got no sweetness and barely any flavor or scent. I'm going to try blending a small amount of them with my awesome BCN flavor oils to see if I can get some use out of them. I love BCN but wish they had more variety and more "grown-up" flavors.

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I love the flavors that Lindsay of Soapers Workshop has. She currently only has 5, but they are great. My favorite, and best seller is the Pomegranite.


I second Lindsay's. I love Sugared Raspberries. It only takes a very small amount.

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Has anyone bought from LorAnn?

I of course have not used them in bath and body but when I use to make homemade chocolates they were great...

Since these are made for candy/chocolates, you'll need to read ingredients first. These were recommended when I first got into making things (ages ago...). I bought a whole bunch, and never could use them. They were alcohol and propylene glycol based. Won't mix into lip balms, they separate out. HOWEVER, some are oil based, you just have to read the ingredients very carefully. Out of the horde I bought, I think I was able to keep a couple. And I think it's because they were essential oils (it was the peppermint and spearmint that I could keep). I don't think I ever ended up using them, as I had the actual EOs on hand, and KNEW those worked.

So just double check the ingredients. They need to be 100% oil based.

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