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Spiced Apple Tea


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Hey Maryincary......I love to see your candles. I don't get tired of seeing what you do. Where do you think I get my ideas.........love your candles. I am working with apple today too....have no idea of what these are going to look like. Yours came out great. Donita

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Fun colors. What is that bright scarlet shade?

That shade is plain "pink" dye block from a supplier that is close to me . Alot darker than what I intended, and it looked MUCH lighter on my test paper, but as you well know.....trial & error right. LOL Next time I'll know to use less.

Donita, I can't wait to see your newest creation. They are always very inspiring. :highfive: Keep them coming girlie! :)

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I hope you all are not tired of seeing my candles yet....cuz I'm not tired of making them-LOL Scented spiced apple tea from CC. Colored by request.

Mary, you're so silly! I don't know what we could say about someone who claimed to be sick of looking at your candles ... I NEVER am. Keep posting, girl! You've got a lot to show us! :drool:

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