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My second CP batch..


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Also my first time posting in the gallery.. :embarasse It is no where near worthy of some of the gorgeous pieces of art that are posted here, but I'm proud of it!

Here is my second CP batch. It's not cut evenly, but at least the colors came out like I wanted them to!!:yay: The swril??? :laugh2: nope, I guess I messed up on it..but hopefully with practice I'll learn how to do it properly..

The scent is Peak Rose Bouquet!! I really don't like this in MP but in this??? It's lovely!! Can't wait to shower with it!!

I am open for any comments be good or bad. It's the only way I will learn!!

So please be honest!


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Thank you soooooooooo much!! :)

I need to learn sooooooooooo much more about making swirls, and just plain making soap!! :grin2: I did find a super tutorial the other day though, that I will try to apply on my next batch!!

As for being hard on myself, well, being in the greenhouse business for these past 13 years... I have to be, if I want to produce high quality plants, and I guess that just overflows on my soap and candle making!! If I have a little bump on a votive I go beserk... well maybe not that bad, but I just try to do the best I can!!

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