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sorry.. rustic layer pillar


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Hi, I tryed to make a layer rustic pillar. I attach some photos, could you tell me what do tou think about it?

This is the first time I try. As some of you may remember I make candles with anything I can find around. So I don't even know what kind of waxes where those, their MP..

I don't like this pillar, it is too glossy... so, tell me something about it.






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I think it looks great! If you don't like it being so glossy, you can take a small wire brush to it and make a "designer boutique linen-finish pillar". Wrap it up in clear mylar with a gold metallic cord (an expenisve price tag will make it authentic). :)

:shocked2: Sorry, I don't understand what is "clear mylar"!!!!

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