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VHM Coffee, Strawb Rhubarb, and Curve Soap


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Curve (messed up on the first batch so I chunked it and threw into this Curve batch). I don't do good w/ manly scents LOL, I had to do the same thing w/ Katmandu. Then I soaped OT's Brut (LUV that scent) and I had pockets of FO in the batch. I had an experience soaper tell me she had the same problem. :sad2: Wonder what the Axe FOs will do when I get around to them?!



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WOW! You are on a soaping roll! :highfive: Looking GOOD!

(How was the coffee butter to work with? Comparable to the other butters?)

At room temp its definately softer than shea. So I throw it in last when melting. I luv it, and not a bit of trouble w/ it. The soap cures hard, I used it at a little over 4% as its expensive :grin2:

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I love all of those, especially that vanilla hazelnut-it looks good enough to eat, but I have to say I'm in LOVE with your prop and want to know where you got that and what it actually is???? :)

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Its a country/prim soap dish you hang on the wall next to a sink. And you use it just like I have it pictured. I saw it as I was ordering from CRAFT WHOLESALERS and fell in luv w/ it!! :grin2:

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