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Black Raspberry Vanilla - cut pic added


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Scented with SW BRV - Yummy!! I love this fragrance.

Two color swirl with Burgandy and Black Oxide. Bottom layer is colored with Burgandy oxide. Crossing my fingers that the swirls aren't just sitting on top.

Thanks for letting me share. :rolleyes2

I'm a little disappointed my swirls are just sitting on the top. I'm going to have to make another batch and try to get them all the way through. ;)



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Wow! Very pretty and very nice swirling going on! I have my bottle of that scent sitting out wanting to make a batch of it today ( I bought NG's version of this...hope it soaps good). And also sandlewood vanilla I got from BCN in thier 1 oz scent sale. Waiting for hubby to make my wooden log mold in the 1# size for sampler batches. He is suppose to be making me 4 log molds today...wish he would get busy!

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Wow, Wonderful swirls! Does this scent hold up good in cp? Ive been thinking of soaping it. Please post cut pics:)

This scent holds up very well in CP. I've soaped it several times. It's a fabulous scent.

Thanks for the kind words about my swirls. I'm finally getting the hang of it. :rolleyes2

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Those are the perfect colors for BRV... that's what I use too ;) ... it just seems right!

I know you said you wanted the swirls to go all the way through but I like the effect with the layering it looks like 3 differ layers ~ I like it. This is one of my FAVORITE scents too. I've soaped only Peaks and this scent in CP is AWESOME!! and yes it holds :thumbsup: .

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