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Gosh do I love coloring with Soy


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Soy gives off such bright opaque colors, I love it. Colored these with EVO dyes, the rust color is scented Fall woods with a touch of honeysuckle to calm it down, the white is scented citrus cucumber, the blue is scented midsummers night with a touch of honeysuckle, and the burgundy is scented mixed berrys with a touch of cucumber. They all smell terrific, now I just have to wait a couple weeks for them to cure. I started using the C-3 again so I must re-learn to wait.:rolleyes2



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I LOVE AUTUMN!!!! I'm Fall's biggest fan...then I can whip out all of those fall candle smells, fall dyes, bakery scents...nothing like warming a kitchen in the morning with the ol' pour-pot, I say. :)

Your candles are very cute. Glad to see the C-3 gave you pretty results...I love this wax, but have to attack mine with a heatgun after they completely cool to get rid of sinkholes or cracks. However, the scent throw is so FABULOUS after a week or two, that I end up forgiving the C-3 every time for putting me through heatgun hell. :P

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