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Needing A Name!! (4 To Choose From:See Post #9)


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I made a batch of patchouli soap with organic hemp oil and finely ground patch leaves. It came out a lovely pale green. (Will post pics when I get home.) Now I have no idea what to call it. Was thinking 'Memories Of the 60's', but it's kind of wordy. I'd sure appreciate any suggestions.

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Well let me have one and I'll tell ya :drool:

OK enough of that lol. I've smelled Kim's hemp and patchouli soap and I'm not whirled back to the 60s or even the 70s. It's a good combo, and if it were psychedelic (??) in colors, I'd say Hendrix lol. I just think of trippin' out when I hear Hendrix.

I know NG has a scent named Flower Child, but I don't think that's TMd or anything, so I'm suggesting calling it Flower Child, Flower Power.

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I had no clue who/what Haight Ashbury was until I "googled" it.......LOL

Ditto here, I'm not a self respecting hippie ~ or for that matter a hippie at all !! I'm not sure if I still understand after googling :embarasse but I like Haight-Ashbury and the symbolzism people are going for. Flower Child is nice, but I think of the flower shapes and a kalidascope of bright colors when I hear that name.

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