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Dragons Blood & Island Kiss


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Hey -

Long time no post! Here are a few that I made about 3 weeks ago.

Dragons Blood (which I renamed Deep - didn't think that name would go over well here :) ) is a blind swirl. The DB is sooooo much darker now. I will post an updated pic later.

Island Kiss is swirled with Chromium Green oxide and FD& C Yellow.


Editted to add the pic


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Beautiful soaps Carmen. Glad to see you posting. I do have a question about "blind swirls." When you do a blind swirl, you pour off what ever amount of soap you need to swirl (i.e. 2 cups) and you only add fragrance to this amount. The rest of the soap is left unscented. Do I understand this correctly?

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WOW, those are some nicely colored swirly soaps. :D

LOL Ducky! I was wondering what "blind swirl" was. ??

Dragon's blood, hmmm am not familiar with that scent, but it reminds me of the shaved ice place we got to, they have a flavor called, "tigers blood" and for some reason it just seems weird, but I'm always curious about it, so may have to break down and try it and the dragon's blood someday. ;)

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