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Green Irish Tweed


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I have been promising him a soap of his own forever now, so I made this yesterday for DH. Scented Green Irish Tweed from SW, colored with Select Shades and swirled with a bit of black oxide, which I still need a little practice on. Was made in my Target log mold, which I haven't used in forever. Still needs to be cleaned up a bit, thanks for looking ya'll! :D


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Kerry, that soap turned out beautifully!!!!!! Even after all the craziness you told me went on when you were making it (mold popping open, duck tape), lol. I really love the look and Scott is totally going to love that soap.

Maybe Rockin' will feel sexy using it ;)

LMAO, well Julie, Rockin may just feel "sexy" because that FO is going to drive you nuts!!!! If you like that one, you should get a whiff of AXE - Touch, OMGosh that stuff is sex in a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got some and will let cha sniff when you get you butt here!!!

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Thanks for all of the comments everyone! I haven't been on for a couple of days because our internet/cable has been down :( I had to come to the library to get my fix today, couldn't stand it, LOL!

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