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Lemon Lime Lush -- HP (Made with EO) -- Packaged page 2!


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Ok so this is my Lemon Lime Lush HP soap. Sorry if some of the pics are bad.

Here it is colored very gently with tumeric...


Then I let it cook:


Then after it was all cooked I added dried coconut flakes, poppy seeds, Lemon EO and Lime EO.


Then I plopped it in my little loafie mold.


Here it is unmolded and waiting packaging.


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Scented, it is a crock pot and it comes right off. I used to make my HP in a presto pot, but I lost the thing that I plug it in the wall with. This comes right off in the sink. You just have to wash it before it gets too hard. Otherwise, you have to let it soak.

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Is HP always that thick?? It looks like the thickest cake/bread batter I've ever seen-hence the reason I'm hungry now-thanks a lot!! LOL

Seriously those look good enough to eat!! :D

I bet they smell delish also!!

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I do not do soap ... yet ... but I am SO IMPRESSED with what I see on this board. Girl, your soaps look heavenly and I just LOVE your packaging. If I saw those for sale, I'd snatch them up in a heartbeat. Wonderful, wonderful work!!!!

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