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  1. awesome...love them both... I must ask where you got those tubes and how you got them crimped at the bottom elle
  2. Most of my customers actually take the bars out of the tin and use them on their entire body, I make sure they know that it can be used every where regular lotion is used. And I have directions on the bottom of the tin with directions on use, because so many are given as gifts etc. also promote them with the added benefit of being able to use the entire product, unlike traditional lotion that never seems to empty out. Another great thing about lotion bars is that they are Airline appoved, they don't fall under the 1 oz guide line for traveling so they can be carried on with no restrictions. I
  3. Angie, why can't you just pull back on the beeswax a little and up the oils. BTW, CB has massage bars as well and if i remember right the recipe is no different than their lotion bars Elle
  4. Ok, these are my specialty...I sold close to 2,000 of these last year (2007), mainly just doing my 8 shows and the little bit of time I have been my store. They are one of my hottest items and they get hotter by the day. I have been selling them for 5 years. Mine are in tins, they are 1 oz. and I have over 30 fragrances. The #1 challenge with the lotion bars is educating the consumer on how to use them, that is why I have not done a lot of wholesaling with these because if they get into the hands of a shop owner that just sticks them on the shelf and never talks about them they will not sell,
  5. what are your ingredients? what type of mold are you using? how much FO are you using? Elle
  6. does this help: http://wholesalesuppliesplus.com/StoreCategory.aspx?CatalogID=9&GroupID=550&CategoryID=1732&CategoryName=Deli+Style+Tubs also, I think I remember MMS having ice cream containers HTH Elle
  7. I absoluitely love that soap, the shape and thickness are awesome! Is that just a piece of pvc from the hardware store or an actual mold? I want one! Of the soaps I mean:)
  8. They are all so beautiful but my fav is the triple heart:)
  9. Aha, I just saw that on the Root site, I wonder if I mix Instant Karma, honeysuckle, jasmine and rose I will get close...off to the experimenting lab Thanks everyone for you input
  10. Natures Garden has an awesome FCG and it is a top seller for me, I add a small amount of comfrey for visual affect, they love it...
  11. Has anyone ever smelled ROOT candles Sampaquita? I have a customer who is in love with it and would like me to duplicate it, the closest thing I can find so far is Instant Karma but there is another note that I cannot place in the candle...or does anyone know of anywhere that makes a dupe of it? TIA Elle
  12. Wow...those look awesome, love the first ones you did, they were a lot more than an attempt BTW, when you cut soap thas petals or seeds on top turnt the loaf over on its top and cut from the bottom then you won't get runners in your soap. Trust me, I learned the hard way... Elle
  13. i am so digging the Lavender girl...the buds on my soap did not discolor maybe you will get lucky...hope to see you next month
  14. Anyone know who carries a dupe to B&BW Pink Grapefruit...customer request and none of the sample I have ordered even compare...B&BW smells like other citruses in the base TIA Elle
  15. I love these, they are very unique, my little girl would go nuts, since she loves disney and purses
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