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I did it! My first CP


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That's cute Brenda I like that.... another soaper is born- LOL

Great job :highfive:, boy I was amazed at how fast these babies set up. You no sooner have them in the mold and you need to take them out to cut.

I haven't tried them w/ DSS, bet they're nice.

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with a salt bar you add equal amount salt (un-iodized table salt, or in this case Dead Sea Salt) to the soap at trace before you pour into the mold. equal to the oils, that is. you have to use at least 50% coconut oil to get good lather.

I forgot the last post I saw of this type of thing said table salt, so I'm waiting to see how things go with the DSS. :rolleyes2 hopefully the end result will be just as good as some of the others I've seen here.

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HA - I'm already thinking I need to try again this weekend (if I can wait that long) and either lessen the amount of salt, or try it with table salt. maybe not with all CO too... hmmm, so many choices. ;)

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:yay: woohoo good for you! what is salty soap? I've read so much about soaping on here and everywhere else I got info I'm sure I don't need but never came across a salt bar/

it's a salt bar; sorry it's so plain...

100% coconut oil, DSS and scented BNL Olive Blossom

I can't believe how quick it went. I was all prepared for a long ordeal. Next time - color!

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